How to Increase Mouse Pointer Size on Windows 11

Especially before creating a hands-on guide, I prefer to increase the mouse pointer size so that it can help me point at specific features vividly. Well, I take advantage of a neat Accessibility feature to perfectly adjust the mouse cursor size on Mac. So, I was keen to figure out whether or not Windows offers a way to tweak the mouse pointer size. Much to my wish, there is a slightly hidden way to get it done on Windows as well. Read on…

Perfectly Adjust the Mouse Pointer Size on Windows PC

Pretty much in tune with macOS, Windows also offers a dedicated mouse setting to let you not just fine-tune the cursor’s size but also customize its color. Hence, if you find the default color of the pointer a bit dull, you have the luxury to give it a unique look.

  • To get going, hit the Start menu on your computer.
  • Then, choose the Settings app (the familiar gear icon).
Settings on Windows
  • In the left sidebar, select Accessibility.
  • Scroll down to the Interaction section and select Mouse.
Choose Mouse in Accessibility setting on Windows
  • Navigate to the Related Settings section and choose Mouse Pointer.
Choose mouse pointer option on Windows
  • Finally, drag the slider left or right to adjust the size of the mouse pointer on your Windows device. If you wish to enhance the cursor size, drag the slider toward the right. And if you want to make it look smaller, take it to the left.
Perfectly adjust mouse pointer size on Windows
  • When you are pleased with the customization, quit the Settings and you are good to go!

While Accessibility is primarily designed for differently abled folks, it has turned out to be an exciting feature for many. Things like the ability to type your command when talking with Siri, capture screenshots with a double-tap, or make your iPhone read text (Settings app -> Accessibility -> Spoken Content -> Speak Screen) have appealed to everyone’s taste.

Much like Apple, Microsoft has also paid special attention to Accessibility. The addition of several notable features like color filters, visual effects, and the neat magnifier has enriched the Accessibility profile on Windows.

Technology has to be accessible to everyone; including those who are differently abled. So, it’s good to see the tech titans doing their best to make their lives joyful.

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