Samsung Galaxy S23 Ultra Vs iPhone 14 Pro Max: Why Apple’s Best Wins the Beast?!

Just a look at Samsung Galaxy S23 Ultra and you would love to embrace the phablet to your heart’s liking! The monster 200MP main shooter, stunning 6.8″ curved Edge display, robust 12GB RAM, the super-fast Snapdragon 8 Gen 2 chipset, and huge 5000mAh battery never fail to amaze you. On top of all, there is also an elegant S-Pen to let you jot down your thoughts at your own pace. Long story short, the beast has got all the boxes covered to be your show-stopper!

No wonder the tech universe has pitted Samsung Galaxy S23 Ultra against iPhone 14 Pro Max tirelessly to offer up their own perspective or for that matter figure out which one triumphs over the other. Not to mention, I had also taken both these ultra flagships for a spin and declared that S23 Ultra is a better value for money.

Samsung Galaxy S23 Ultra Vs iPhone 14 Pro Max Why Apples Best Wins the Beast

Galaxy Devices Have Long Been a Slouch…

Unfortunately, the better-value-for-money S23 Ultra still lacks the cushion to absorb the impact of the iPhone 14 Pro Max that has been ruling the roost in the top-tier segment (aka over $1K category). So, why has S23 Ultra failed to displace 14 Pro Max from the numero uno position?

From what I have observed over the years, Galaxy devices turn into a slouch in the long run. Going by the latest Geekbench score, the legend of the iPhone continues to grow manifold. Despite having the top-of-the-line Snapdragon processor, Samsung’s beast has hardly come even close to beating iPhone 14 Pro Max in terms of speed.

The margin or should I say the manner of absolute submission has taken me aback more than the defeat itself…

As per the latest benchmark tests, the iPhone 14 Pro scored 1, 874 on a single-core performance test, whereas the Galaxy S23 Ultra managed to score just 1, 480; which is a good 21.02 percent less than what the iPhone scored. In what could add more insult to injury, the one-and-a-half-year-old iPhone 13 still fares way better than the entire brand-new Galaxy S23 lineup in single-core tests.

Samsung Galaxy S23 Ultra vs iPhone 14 Pro Max
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Let alone the real-life face-off, even in the snowball’s chance in hell the much-vaunted S23 Ultra does not seem to knock over the wicked-fast performance of the iPhone 14 Pro Max.

14 Pro Max’s 48MP Main Shooter Blows S23 Ultra’s 200MP Out of the Water

In order to champion the smartness of iPhone and Pixel’s cameras, Samsung has opted to amp up the megapixels. Though there is no denying the fact that the S23 Ultra is top-notch both in terms of photography and videography, it still can’t compete with the iPhone and Pixel on the photography fronts. As for videography, there hardly seems to be close competition.

So, unless you want Samsung’s beast to rival the unmatched repertoire of iPhone’s videography on a whim, you won’t want to take them for a straight shootout.

People, Who Invest Big, Seriously Think of Long-Term Prospects

With around 60% market share in the premium segment, Apple has long been a dominating force when it comes to decimating the competition with a lion’s share. The arrival of the S23 Ultra, despite impressive specs, does not seem to threaten Apple’s Apple Card.

So, what does this number reveal? Is it the seamless integration of software and hardware? Is it the exceptionally secure and rich iOS that turns the tide every single time? Is it the age-old gems like blue bubbles, AirDrop, or iCloud that continue to charm? Or, is it the galaxy of everything that has assisted Apple to fend off the challenge from Samsung’s cluster of Galaxies?

“Apple continued to lead the premium segment with a 57% share as the 4G iOS installed base continued to upgrade. Sales and promotions in the US remained strong through the quarter. There was no evidence of any macroeconomic impact on demand. Apple also continued to successfully onboard new users as switcher growth hit a fresh record during the quarter, largely driven by robust growth in emerging economies,” according to Counterpoint Research.

Apples market share
Image credit: Counterpoint Research

Without pinpointing any aforementioned pros, it’s crystal clear that people, who go for the big fish, nest wisely for the long haul. Remember the old saying? All that glitters is not gold..!

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