10 Best Fast Chargers for Samsung Galaxy S24/S23 Ultra You Can Buy in 2024

When you are dealing with an ultra smartphone with a monster 5, 000mAh battery, you’ve got to choose an equally robust charger. Otherwise, you will have to leave your smartphone a bit longer to get juiced up. Fortunately, there is no dearth of USB-C power adapters that can let you supercharge your beast in no time. However, not all of them are up to the mark in terms of durability and deliver much-needed safeguards against hazards. But bother not, this meticulously curated roundup of the 10 best fast chargers for Samsung Galaxy S24/S23 Ultra has got you covered. So, let’s jump right in!

Best Fast Chargers for Samsung Galaxy S24/S23 You Can Buy

For a complete charging solution, we have chosen USB-C power adapters that come with charging cables as well. To ensure you can comfortably carry your charger, a compact and portable design has been given more preference. Keep reading to find out what more these modern chargers have got in store for you.

1. Anker 737 USB-C 120W Faster Charger 

No roundup of the best USB-C fast chargers for the Samsung Galaxy S23 Series would be complete without Anker. The 120W charger can fully power up your Galaxy S23 Ultra in under an hour. Top-notch speed aside, this charger is equipped with Anker’s MultiProtect technology to offer protection from 10 different threats including high-voltage, over-heating, short-circuiting, and more. 

Even better, the Anker fast charger also comes with a highly efficient temperature control to shield your connected devices. That’s not all, the company also provides a 2-pack USB-C to USB-C cable (6ft nylon) to provide a complete charging solution to your device. As for design, the USB-C charger looks incredibly lightweight and compact which makes it a handy travel companion.

Anker USB C Charger Anker 737 Charger

2. Spigen 45W USB-C Charger

Both in terms of speed and efficiency, Spigen’s 45W USB-C charger is top-notch. Thus, if you are hunting for a highly efficient fast charger for your Samsung Galaxy S23 Ultra, give it serious consideration.

Sporting a pretty compact design, this charger can comfortably sneak into a tiny pocket, which makes it an ultra-portable asset for your phablet. Moreover, it’s fully equipped to offer max 25W super-fast charging to the Galaxy 23 Ultra and also keep threats like overheating at bay.

USB C Charger Spigen

3. DiHines 25W USB-C Charger and 10FT Charging Cable

For folks who are in quest of a powerful charger along with a durable charging cable, DiHines has come up with a better answer. DiHines USB-C faster charger can provide 25W output and also shield your device against threats such as overheating and short-circuiting.

As for the cable, it’s well-built and can last long. Thanks to the impressive build quality, both the USB-C power adapter and the charging cable can be a long-lasting companion for the smartphone.

DiHines 25W USB C Charger and 10FT Charging Cable

4. LINTYLE 65W USB-C 3-Port Charger

This offering from Lintyle is an absolute powerhouse. Sporting a rugged construction, the USB-C power adapter is designed to last long. Despite having a durable and impact-resistant exterior, it features a pretty compact form factor to ensure you can comfortably carry it even in a tiny pocket. 

Equipped with 3 ports, the wall charger lets you charge multiple devices including Samsung Galaxy S23 Ultra simultaneously. Notably, the 65W charger can power up not only your Galaxy but also your laptop at rapid speed. 

Bolstered by the GaN technology, the Lintyle charger is fully capable to fight out overheating and comes with multiple safeguards against dangers like short-circuiting, over-current, and more. 

LINTYLE 65W USB C Charger 3 Port GaN Wall Charger

5. Vilive USB-C Charger and 10FT Charging Cable

Another accessory maker that has taken care of all the basics to provide a reliable USB-C power adapter for your all-new Galaxy S23 Ultra is Vilive. With a small form factor, the charger has a portable design and delivers max 25W output.

To let you securely charge your device, it comes with a 10FT long charging cable. Combine that with the ability to charge your smartphone up to 60% in just 30 minutes as well as up to 480 Mbps data transfer speed and Vilive’s offering seems to leave very little room for complaints.

Vilive USB C Charger and 10FT Charging Cable

6. KTHall 45W USB-C Charger and 3FT Charging Cable

KTHall has introduced a top-of-the-line USB-C power adapter and a short but strong charging cable in a 2-pack. And that too, at a much more affordable price point than many other rivals in the market.

The power adapter can turbocharge up to 60% of your smartphone in just 30 minutes. Even better, it comes with trusted protection from dangers like over-voltage, overheating, and more. Taking everything into account, this offering from KTHall has checked off all the boxes to be one of the finest fast chargers for the Samsung Galaxy S23 Series.

Samsung 45W USB C Charger

7. Gusishu 155W Fast Charger 

Oh, this one is like an all-in-one power station that can you use to power up all your family members’ devices. Boasting as many as 6 ports, this power adapter is designed to be a charging station in a portable form factor. The charging station can supply an input voltage of 100-240 volts. 

Gusishu has 3 USB-C ports and 3 USB-A ports. When charging multiple devices simultaneously, it smartly optimizes charging to securely juice up devices. Certified by CE, FCC, and UL, the universal charger has been made of high-quality ABS material and PC fireproof. And yes, it also keeps dangers like short-circuiting at a fair distance. 

Gusishu 155W Fast Charger

8. Velogk USB-C Charger and Car Charger

Well, I have picked this kit comprising a highly efficient USB-C power adapter, a modern-looking charging cable (2 pack), and a car charger for folks who need a complete charging solution.

The Velogk power adapter features a shock-resistant construction for enhanced durability. Talking about the car charger, it has an ultra-portable design and can let you securely power up your S23 Ultra on the go. Made out of nylon material, the charging cable is extremely strong.

Velogk USB C Charger and Car Charger

9. Anker USB C 715

Anker USB C 715 has got everything covered to be your go-to fast charger. The USB-C power adapter can deliver up to 65W output, which means you can use it to charge not only your phablet but also your MacBook, iPad Pro, Galaxy tablet, or any other device with top-notch speed. 

Furthermore, Anker USB C 715 comes with the second-ten GaN technology which enables it to provide maximum output despite being pretty compact. Yeah, for all being such a robust charger, it has an ultra-compact form factor. Not just that, Anker USB C 715 also excels in offering uncompromised protection against hazards like overheating. 

Anker USB C 715

10. Easdmn 45W USB-C Fast Charger 

Having adopted the latest programmable power supply technology, Easdmn 45W USB-C charger (2 pack) provides fast and secure charging to your Galaxy S23 Series. The company claims that it can fully power up your Galaxy S23 Ultra in less than one hour. 

Easdmn fast charger can juice up other devices such as MacBook, Galaxy Book, iPhone, and more. The charger also comes with a durable cable (made of braided nylon, 2-pack) to let you safely power up your device. Incorporated with a built-in intelligent chip, the USB-C charger offers reliable protection from threats such as short-circuiting and overheating.

Easdmn 45W USB C Fast Charger

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Which is Your Top Pick?

There you go! So, these are the most capable USB-C power adapters for Samsung Galaxy S23 Ultra. Hopefully, you have found the right asset for your smartphone. But before you go on to explore other accessories, be sure to send your invaluable feedback about this roundup.

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