20 Best Samsung Galaxy S23 Ultra Wallet Cases You Can Buy in 2024

There is a lot to like about a wallet case. Times when you are on the go and want to keep your phone, cash, and credit cards in one place securely, it comes in handy. That’s the reason why wallet covers remain one of the top picks not only among executives but also among normal joes. So, if you are on the lookout for a travel companion, we have got covered you with the 20 best Samsung Galaxy S23 Ultra wallet cases.

Best Samsung Galaxy S23 Ultra Wallet Cases in 2024

What if you are not a fan of a bulky wallet cover? No problem! Accessory makers have gotten smarter and now offer a variety of wallet cases for Galaxy S23 Ultra. Thus, you can easily find a matching case that shields your smartphone and carry your cash as well as credit cards, while also keeping the fashion quotient intact.

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1. Case-Mate Genuine Leather Wallet Case

Sporting a vintage design, Case-Mate genuine leather case is a complete wallet case. Thanks to the high-quality leather and precision finish, the case is exceptionally durable. Moreover, it’s also strong enough to endure shock (up to 12 feet of drops) and keep your Samsung Galaxy S23 Protected from shock and scratches.

The Case-Mate wallet case features multiple slots for cards. That means you can count on it to be your reliable travel companion. Notably, you can also use the front cover to prop up your smartphone for more convenient hands-free usage on the go. That’s not all, the case also supports wireless charging so that you can power up your device without any hassle.

Case Mate Samsung Galaxy S23 Ultra Case

2. Torro Premium Leather Wallet Case

Torro is renowned for producing premium leather wallet cases. So, it wouldn’t be wrong to expect this wallet case to be top-notch. Carved out of cowhide leather, the case has a professional-looking profile. The visible stitching further enhances its look, giving it a luxurious appearance.

For additional protection from drops, the case features a TPE frame that enables it to endure shock. Moreover, it has a big pocket for cash and there are multiple slots wherein you can securely keep your credit cards. Couple that with the kickstand functionality and the Torro wallet case seems to leave very little for complaint.

TORRO Case Compatible with Samsung Galaxy S23 Ultra

3. Marphe Compact Wallet Case

What about buying a slim wallet case for your Samsung Galaxy S23 Ultra? If you aren’t a fan of a classic wallet case, this one should appeal to your taste. Made of hard PC and shock-absorbing TPU material, the case is exceptionally protective. Hence, you can trust it to keep your smartphone protected from impact.

Another feature worth mentioning is the hidden slot wherein you can keep up to 4 cards. With a rugged back and soft sides, the case also provides a much-improved grip to ward off accidental slip-offs. What’s more, you can choose Marphe compact wallet case in three nice-looking colors such as white, purple, and gray.

Marphe Wallet Case for Samsung Galaxy S23 Ultra Case

4. Suanpot PU Leather Wallet Case

For folks who are hunting for a travel wallet case at a comparatively low price point, this offering from Suanpot can be a smart pick. Made of top-notch PU leather, the case sports a sophisticated profile. The addition of a shock-absorbing TPU interior empowers the case to fight out impact and also keep scratches at a fair distance.

Featuring a large pocket for cash and multiple slots for cards, it has all the bases covered to be your full-fledged wallet. With the RFID blocking technology, it ensures the sensitive information of your cards remains protected. What’s more, the case also supports kickstand functionality so that you can comfortably watch videos hands-free. Taking everything into account, it’s one of the best wallet cases for Samsung Galaxy S23 Ultra in the market right now.

SUANPOT for Samsung Galaxy S23 Ultra Wallet case with RFID Blocking

5. KEZiHome Genuine Leather Wallet Case

If you have a liking for a wallet case with an impressive book design, there is a good chance that Kezihome genuine leather wallet case will win you over. The real leather exterior with neat stitching gives it an executive look. And with the incorporation of the TPU shell empowers the case to absorb shock.

The raised edges around the camera lens and touchscreen offer an additional safeguard against scuffs. Just like other leather wallet cases, it also has a huge pocket wherein you can stash some cash and dedicated slots to let you carry multiple credit cards. Add to that the RFID blocking mechanism and this vintage wallet case seems to be a perfect pair for Galaxy S23 Ultra.

KEZiHOME Samsung Galaxy S23 Ultra Case

6. Spigen Slim Armor CS

Endowed with a compact and ergonomic profile, Spigen Slim Armor CS is what you should pick to carry multiple cards without putting the style quotient of your Galaxy S23 Ultra on the back burner. The case has a comparatively slim design and features a hidden slot on the back to let you store multiple cards with the desired security.

As for protection, you can count on this modern-looking case to withstand impact and also keep scuffs at bay. Combine that with the grippy sides as well as the neat cutouts and it seems to tick off all the important boxes to be an adorable pair for your Galaxy.

Spigen Slim Armor CS Designed for Galaxy S23 Ultra

7. SAMSUNG Galaxy S23 Ultra S-View Wallet Case

If I were to pick the most elegant wallet case for Galaxy S23 Ultra, Samsung’s S-View wallet case can be the frontrunner – without an iota of doubt. Probably, the biggest highlight of this case is the ability to let you access the interactive display of your smartphone without having to open the cover.

What’s more, it also allows you to perform common functions such as pausing music and answering calls by just tapping the display. That’s not all, it also comes with a handy slot to let you securely keep multiple credit cards.

SAMSUNG Galaxy S23 Ultra S View Wallet Phone Case

8. Snakehive Luxurious Leather Wallet Case

Believe me, no roundup of the best wallet cases for a smartphone can be complete without including Snakehive’s premium leather wallet case. Thus, if you want to pair your Galaxy S23 Ultra with a rich leather wallet cover, make sure to take a close look at this strong contender.

The highlight of Snakehive’s premium wallet cover is the European Nubuck leather construction with an impressive suede-like finish. As this case ages, the rich patina develops, which not only helps retain the charm but also enhances the comfort factor. A big compartment for cash and multiple slots for cards make it a complete travel companion for your S23 Ultra. Not to underestimate, Snakehive’s leather case can also pack a solid punch in thwarting impact and keeping scuffs at a fair distance.

Snakehive Samsung Galaxy S23 Ultra

9. LINYUNE Slim PU Leather Wallet Case

Last but not least, this offering from LINYUNE is designed to take care of all the basics without making your Galaxy S23 Ultra look bulky. So, if you are a minimalist who wants a decent-looking case, it can fit your bill with ease. Made out of PU leather, the case has a card slot on the back to let you store up to 4 cards.

Despite having a slim profile, the case can be without minor shock thanks to the inclusion of a TPU frame. Aside from boosting protection, the TPU frame also plays a vital role in offering the much-improved grip to ward off accidental drops. Even better, the flip leather feature allows you to prop up your smartphone for more convenient hands-free video streaming.

LINYUNE Galaxy S23 Ultra Wallet Case with Credit Card Slot Holder

10. Shieldon Travel Wallet Case with Book Design

I have long been a fan of Shieldon wallet cases. Therefore, I made it a point to include the Shieldon travel wallet case for Galaxy S23 Ultra. The adorable book design with the refined finish makes it a great pick for an executive outing. Incorporated with the soft interior shell, multiple slots for cards, as well as a large compartment for cash topped by the RFID-blocking technology and it’s got you checked off as a full-fledged suit for your Galaxy.

SHIELDON Wallet Case for Galaxy S23 Ultra 5G

11. Tucch PU Leather Wallet Case 

Should you wish to get a reasonably good wallet case for your Galaxy S23 Ultra at a comparatively affordable price point, check out this offering from Tucch. The case is crafted with PU leather and features a simple book design. For enhanced protection from drops, it also has a shock-absorbing TPU interior. 

Additionally, the Tucch PU leather wallet case boasts as many as 4 card slots and a big pocket for cash topped by RFID technology. The magnetic closure and magnetic clasp play a vital role in keeping everything securely inside. If you have a liking for vibrant colors, you would be pleased to discover a wide range of color variants including blue, wine red, purple, and more. 

TUCCH Wallet Case Compatible with Galaxy S23 Ultra

12. Smartish Waller Slayer 

Smartish Slayer Wallet case personifies elegance. The compact wallet case sports a snug-fit profile that fits around the edges of the Samsung Galaxy S23 Ultra. Despite having a lightweight form factor, it can survive drops thanks to the fortified corners and the hidden cushion. 

The Slayer Wallet Case features a hidden slot on the back that can comfortably store a couple of credit cards. Plus, it features textured sides for a much-improved grip to ensure your phablet can feel convenient in your palm. Beyond comfort, it is also available in some cool color variants. 

Smartish Galaxy S23 Ultra Wallet Case

13. Nine Luxurious Leather Wallet Case

Nine Case has introduced a vintage wallet case with a modern touch. The luxurious case has been carved out of genuine leather and sports adorable craftsmanship with refined stitching. The interior houses multiple slots including a large compartment for storing cash. Thus, it can be entrusted to be your go-to travel wallet case for Samsung Galaxy S23 Ultra.

Just like modern wallet cases, it also comes with RFID-blocking technology to protect the sensitive information of your credit cards. As the case is detachable, you have the freedom to get rid of the bulk and embrace a slimmer profile as and when you wish. Furthermore, it is designed to endure shock and work with wireless chargers and car mounts, which is yet another big plus. 

Nine Detachable Wallet Case

14. Ringke Fusion Card Transparent Wallet Case 

Oh, this one is a show-stopper, isn’t it? So, if you want to flaunt your all-new Samsung Galaxy S23 Ultra in style, the Ringke Fusion Card case can live up to your expectation. The transparent design offers the much-needed freedom to your Galaxy to shine through, while the dedicated pocket on the back makes sure your credit card (1 credit card slot) can stay safe.

The snug-fit casing with the precise cutouts enables the case to fit around the edges of the smartphone. On the protection front, the durable hybrid construction (PC and TPU) is more than capable to absorb impact and also prevent scuffs from harming your device. Moreover, the Ringke Fusion Card also has raised lips around the camera bump and the touchscreen to offer an additional safeguard against scratches. 

Ringke Fusion Card Transparent Wallet Compatible with Samsung Galaxy S23 Ultra 5G Case

15. VRS DESIGN Damda Glide Pro

Carrying multiple cards while still maintaining the slim profile of your Galaxy S23 Ultra is what makes VRS DESIGN Damda Glide Pro a worthy contender of your choice. This lightweight card case is made of TPU material and features air-cushioned corners for extra protection. Hence, despite having a lightweight construction, it’s able to withstand shock. Beveled edges around the 6.8” touchscreen and the camera bump further boost protection from scratches.

Damda Glide Pro has a large hidden pocket on the back, which you can use to store up to 4 cards. In most cases, the concealed slot could be more than sufficient to work as a handy wallet. With the incorporation of TPU sides, it also offers a non-slip hold, which is a must for a huge phablet like Galaxy S23 Ultra. 

VRS DESIGN Damda Glide Pro for Galaxy S23 Ultra Case

16. Pitaka Slim Case with Card Holder

Here comes the world’s thinnest wallet case for Samsung Galaxy S23 Ultra! Note that the case has been carved out of the 600D aramid fiber. Hence, despite having an ultra-sleek design, it can endure shock and also keep scuffs away. 

The high-quality aramid fiber material also enables the case to retain its original color. Another feature that makes this case stand out is the 3D grip that provides a non-slip grip. Talking about the cardholder, it can easily store a couple of cards. 

Pitaka MagEZ case comes with the SlimBoard technology which allows wireless chargers to power up the Galaxy S23 Ultra with the max speed. 

PITAKA Case for Galaxy S23 Ultra

17. OtterBox Strada Series

A great blend of durability and convenience, the OtterBox Strada Series is a touch different from other classy wallet cases. The Strada Series case features a rugged form factor with impact-resistant sides and corners. Whereas genuine leather adds authenticity, the precision finish bestows executive appeal. 

The folio case has multiple pockets to carry your credit cards and some cash. Though it can’t take on the luxurious covers, it’s got the dedicated slots to live up to your tasks when you are on the go. There is also a magnetic latch that keeps your phone and cards securely inside. 

OtterBox Strada Series

18. Venito Florence Leather Wallet Case

Venito’s Florence handcrafted leather wallet case is all about class. For all being a full wallet cover, the case has a lightweight design that graces the Samsung Galaxy S23 Ultra with aplomb. The leather construction with visible stitching makes it look adorable, while the detachable design makes sure you don’t have to live with the bulk all the time. 

In order to become your go-to travel wallet suit, the case comes with as many as four slots for credit/debit cards. And with a huge pocket to keep your dollar bills secure, it’s primed to be your reliable asset for times when you want to carry your valuables with complete peace of mind. To top it all, the Venito Florence leather wallet cover supports wireless charging and can also endure shock effortlessly. 

Venito Florence Leather Wallet Phone Case

19. Araree AIR Slot

Araree Air Slot means business. Endowed with a hybrid construction, the case can keep your Galaxy protected from drops, while also keeping the slim profile of the smartphone intact. In spite of having a sleek form factor, it has got a concealed slot to let you carry a credit/debit card. 

Araree Air Slot also features perfect cutouts and doesn’t interfere with the S Pen slot either. The buttons are neatly pronounced and offer much-needed feedback. And yes, the rugged exterior can also fit snuggly in your palm. 

araree AIR Slot Galaxy S23 Ultra Case

20. DuckSky Genuine Leather Case with RFID Blocking Technology 

DuckSky’s genuine leather wallet case has got class written all over it. Be it the real leather casing, adorable workmanship, or the vintage book profile, the case has managed to tick off all the key boxes. 

Plus, this Galaxy S23 Ultra leather wallet cover is also equally good when it comes to withstanding shock or preventing scuffs from damaging the beauty of your phablet. The impact-resistant interior features four credit card slots and a separate compartment for cash which make it a fully capable travel asset for your S23 Ultra. The RFID-blocking technology further improves the security of your cards. 

Whereas the hidden kickstand functionality amps up hands-free usage, the magnetic close keeps all your valuables perfectly inside. Unlike many other vintage leather wallet cases, the DuckSky wallet case for Galaxy S23 Ultra comes in several color variants namely wine red, brown, black, and more. 

DuckSky for Samsung Galaxy S23 Ultra Genuine Leather Wallet case

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Which is Your Top Pick?

There you go! So, these are the best wallet cases designed for Samsung Galaxy S23 Ultra. I guess you have found a more suitable travel companion for your beast. By the way, which one has managed to win you over? Be sure to let us know via the comments below.

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