All You Need to Know About Setapp – App Store Alternative in EU

Pretty much on the expected line, MacPaw (the Ukrainian software company) has announced that “SetApp” is gearing up to launch as an alternative to the App Store on the iPhone in the EU in April. Promising to offer a reliable way to sideload apps on iPhone, it has most bases covered to be a notable challenger. Here is everything you need to know about Setapp and what it means for iPhone users. 

All You Need to Know About Setapp App Store Alternative in EU 1

Setapp Has Existed on Mac for Several Years 

It’s worth pointing out upfront that Setapp has existed on macOS for quite some time (since June 2017). On macOS, it’s a subscription-based service that provides a large collection of popular apps for $9.99/month. Some of the noted apps include Spark Mail, iStat Menus, Ulysses, Unite, and more. 

It’s also important to note that Setapp users on the Mac have the flexibility to access a curated collection of iOS apps as well through a QR code system. With a full-fledged app marketplace, it will be able to provide a more constructive way to install and use apps on the iPhone. 

Setapp’s Subscription Based-Model Has Been a Big Hit 

Setapp’s subscription-based model for software usage has received high praise. In essence, it’s akin to streaming services like Apple Music and Netflix – aimed at offering users a great collection of apps for a single monthly fee.

Currently, Setapp boasts around 200 apps. With automatic app updates and no in-app purchases or advertisements, it ensures users have complete peace of mind while dealing with apps. 

As of now, Setapp has one million users and the number is likely to go way higher once it goes live on iOS as well. It pays developers depending on the app usage. 

  • Setapp was the Finalist at the 21st annual Interactive Innovation Awards in the New Economy category
  • It “has received Consumer Product of the Year” by Product Hunt at the 2017 Golden Kitty Awards
  • Setapp has also been awarded Best SaaS Product for Productivity” by SaaS Awards in 2019

What Sort of Apps Will MacPaw’s Setapp Offer on iPhone?

MacPaw has reported that Setapp is going to offer a variety of apps including: 

  • Creative and Design Software
  • Utility
  • Lifestyle and productivity 
  • Specialized professional tools
  • Productivity and business tools

Which iOS Version Will Support Alternative App Marketplace in the EU? 

iOS 17.4 will allow users to install a third-party app marketplace in the EU. Once the software version is available, you can install it by going to the Settings app -> General -> Software Update.

Is There a Way to Test Setapp Before It Launched? 

To let curious users take the upcoming marketplace for a test drive, MacPaw has introduced a beta version of the Setapp. So, if you are willing to give it a spin, you can join the waitlist. As an app developer, you also have the option to apply.

Join Setapp waitlist

How Big a Threat Setapp Will Be to Apple’s App Store?

Even though deriving a surefire conclusion purely based on the nascent promise would be too hasty, MacPaw’s Setapp could emerge as the most capable alternative to the App Store. What’s going to put it in good stead is the decent amount of loyal Mac users and a good track record of living up to expectations. Not that Epic Games and Spotify will let Setapp walk away with the limelight so easily, MacPaw’s offering seems to be in the pole position – at least for now.

Provided Apple facilitates a level-playing field, the cliffhanger in the EU might set the tone for the App Store – going forward.

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