Why Galaxy S24 Ultra Failed to Steal iPhone 15 Pro’s EUPHORIA

If there is any smartphone that not only promises to live up to the high billing but also delivers on most fronts, it has to be none other than the robust “Galaxy S24 Ultra”. Whether it’s the ultimate display, raw camera specs, top-of-the-line processor, the slew of eye-catching AI-driven features, or the ever-elegant stylus, the S24 Ultra boasts an impressive profile, which even a die-hard critic will refuse to deny.

However, with all these beefed-up specs, the Galaxy has failed to steal the euphoria of iPhone 15 Pro Max – in more ways than one. So, what has prevented the Galaxy from beating Apple’s magnum opus? 

“Samsung increased its shipment target for the first quarter of 2024 to 13 million units (up from the original estimate of 12 million). Globally, sales of the Galaxy S24 series is 8% higher than the S23 models in the same period (January 28 to February 17). This doesn’t sound like much, but some regions saw a more significant increase,” GSMArena.

Why Galaxy S24 Ultra Failed to Steal iPhone 15 Pro's EUPHORIA

For all-being a loyal iPhone user, I find the iPhone 15 Pro Max extravagantly overpriced – right on the face. But that doesn’t stop me from recommending the flagship smartphone to anyone who wants to own a device that can deliver reliable performance for at least 6/7 years. 

Though my heart starts pumping every single time I glance at the Galaxy S24 Ultra, I just stop short of recommending it to anyone who is willing to invest the hard-earned money for the long haul. Of course, it becomes a different proposition altogether for folks with plenty of cash to splash and love to switch to a brand-new device every second year – just to be on the bleeding edge of technology. 

As you all know, I’ve long been a software nerd who has to take on mobile and desktop software packages for a spin – for a living. Having published over 8K articles (mostly ever-green guides, tips, and hacks for various publications and published around 2.2K guide videos, which is a unique combination both in terms of numbers and versatility), putting all-new and beta features for a rigorous fest excite me to the core. My way of looking at a mobile device goes beyond the mere optics, gimmicks, and a handful of hardware specs specially designed to arrest attention. 

For me, if a smartphone fails to deliver the goods as expected when the dust eventually settles on the device, it badly hurts the reputation and also leaves an end user frustrated. While the smartphone is shiny and has swanky new hardware to boot, it makes most go over the top – including reviewers who mostly come up with high praise which seems to be nothing but a downright advertisement. Unfortunately, none bother to check the same device when it gets worn out and struggle to check even the basic boxes. 

“Apple, opens new tab ended Samsung Electronics’, opens new tab 12-year run as the largest seller of smartphones in the world, after commanding a 20% market share in 2023, according to a report from International Data Corp. Samsung ended the year with a 19.4% share, followed by China’s Xiaomi,” Reuters.

In order to put my point across, I would like to sincerely allude to my ugly iPhone 12 which I bought way back in October 2020. Right from day one, I have run iOS beta profiles on this device, used it to create over 1.5K videos, written around 2.5K articles, and tested every single beta iOS feature that Apple has unleashed in the last 3/4. 

360 Reader YT

Literally, I have used, misused, and abused my beloved iPhone 12 in the typical “RK from 360 Reader” fashion – as you would imagine. If any of you has exploited an iPhone in a more brutal way, please make sure to whisper into my ears.

Still, most of you would be taken aback to know the hard fact that my iPhone 12 has a pretty decent 85% battery health which truly speaks volumes about its longevity. Is there any Galaxy out there that has delivered more for a user while the curtain is down and the lights are off? I doubt…

iPhone 12 battery health

From what I have experienced, come across, and read, many (if not most) who buy an iPhone get the device for a long haul (at least 3/4 years). Forgive me, if my anecdotes sound like a nonstop ranting towards the Galaxy. The points that I’m trying to hammer out are:

  • Galaxy S24 Ultra is more geared towards pros and folks who have a penchant for driving a top-notch smartphone with muscular specs.
  • Though iPhone 15 Pro Max is designed to appeal to pros, it goes way beyond its niche thanks to the ability to last long and provide a handsome resale value.
  • When you take the 6/7 years of reliable performance into account coupled with an impressive resale value, the iPhone 15 Pro Max seems to be a way cheaper deal than the Galaxy S24 Ultra.
  • Although the S24 Ultra looks as stunning as a dashing Ferrari, thereby winning most onlookers’ attention, it remains confined within its niche. What prevents it from breaching the niche is poor resale value and the inability to deliver the goods in the long run.

So, while I crave and cursh my limited budget every single time I wish to embrace the Galaxy like there is no tomorrow, I’m actually fine with my old-fashioned iPhone that hardly ever fails to tick the required boxes – which is what exactly counts for a layman like me…

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