Foldable iPhones Have Already Won the War, While Rivals Have Lost Miserably…

While everyone else – from Samsung to Google to OnePlus to Oppo – is more or less done with their foldable campaign, Apple is still mixing and matching the required ingredients for a foldable iPhone. Though it does sound a little sarcastic about Apple, the delayed approach in favor of a better product has served the Cupertino-based company in good stead over the years. 

Unlike its rivals, Apple has an inimitable penchant for introducing a hardware product that looks nearly perfect – right from the onset. Whether it’s the Apple Watch, the iPhone, the iPad, or the ageless Mac, the tech giant has cashed in on the flaws of rivals by keeping the metaverse on the edge and offering a way better product to the impatient consumers – frustrated by the half-baked item and having burnt a big hole in their pocket…

Foldable iPhones Have Already Won the War, While Rivals Have Lost Miserably 1
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So, while an average consumer might see the delayed launch of a foldable iPhone (reportedly pushed back to the spring of 2027) from the prism of frustration, Apple actually views the whole game from a different perspective altogether. Every single time the possible launch of a foldable iOS-driven smartphone is postponed, in comes the reports that Apple is going all out to perfect the shortcomings that are inherent to the existing foldable smartphones. 

The reports put Apple in the spotlight showcasing that when an iPhone Fold or Flip launches, it will be a cut above the rest. As a result, even before the device could see the light of day, a large number of loyal buyers and switchers are impatiently keeping a tab on the development and slowly charging in to make a beeline. 

In the mind game, Apple has already won the war by instigating impatience and curiosity about its future product which is still a work in progress. Even after launching an eye-catching foldable device with plenty of neat functionalities, tech titans like Samsung, OnePlus, and Google have failed to catch the imagination of end users. 

Samsung Galaxy Z Flip 1

There is an old idiom, “Everything that glitters is not gold.” Although everyone loves to take a sensuous glance at a foldable smartphone and wishes to embrace it like there is no tomorrow, very few want to show a full-time commitment to a device that is too delicate to endure ugly scratches. Despite being a 6-7 year-old item, Fold or Flip is still in its nascent years with too many downsides. 

Loopholes like the brittle crease, hefty price, and the ever-mounting concerns about durability have miserably hurt the evolution of foldable smartphones. Others have gone ahead and launched a half-cooked foldable without addressing these glaring loopholes, Apple is going all out, burning all its midnight oil, to excavate a way to perfect its foldable iPhone – in the typical Cupertino fashion. 

And the result? The yet-to-be-launched iPhone Fold or Flip (Who cares) is already a billion-dollar baby and will surely unleash the biggest bang for the buck.

No wonder, around 90% profit of the total smartphone sales in the global smartphone market goes into the deep pockets of the Cupertino giant…

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