8 Best Screen Protectors for iPad Pro 13” M4

An extravagantly priced device like the iPad Pro 13″ M4 deserves to have the ultimate protection from accidental damage. So, you should make sure to shield your pricey investment with a suitable case or a full-fledged sleeve and also safeguard the beautiful 13″ tandem OLED display with a scratch-resistant screen guard. That’s the reason why I have lined up the 8 best screen guards specifically designed for the iPad Pro 13″ M4. Read on…

Best Screen Protectors for iPad Pro 13” M4/11″ iPad Pro M4/11″ iPad Air M2/13″ iPad Air M2

Though this roundup is mainly focused on the 13-inch iPad Pro, most of these accessory manufacturers offer screen guards for other newly-launched iPad models as well including the 11-inch iPad Pro M4, 13-inch iPad Air M2, and the 11-inch iPad Air M2.

1. OtterBox Premium Glass Screen Protector 

OtterBox doesn’t need any introduction, does it? The company has a long history of producing highly-rated accessories. Therefore, OtterBox’s premium screen defender can be counted to live up to the mark in all aspects. For an additional layer of durability, the screen guard is strengthened by 9H hardness.

Probably the biggest selling point of this screen guard is the antimicrobial quality that plays a pivotal role in preventing germs. As for clarity and smoothness, you can expect this premium screen guard to deliver HD clarity and also remain sensitive to the touch for a long time. 

OtterBox Premium Glass Screen Protector 

2. Zagg Glass Elite 

Claiming to deliver 5X more protection than rivals, Zagg Glass Elite deserves to be given serious consideration. What makes the screen guard so strong is the aluminosilicate material that enables it to endure impact and keep scratches away from the expensive OLED display of your iPad Pro.

With the laser-cut dimensions, it offers edge-to-edge protection without interfering with the Face ID or sensors. Notably, the Zagg Glass Elite leverages the ClearPrint technology to fight out threats like fingerprints and sweat. Due largely to the TrueTouch sensitivity, it’s also designed to get along nicely with the Apple Pencil. 

Zagg Glass Elite 

3. ESR Screen Protector With HD Clarity 

There are multiple reasons why you should choose this screen guard from ESR. First and foremost, the screen protector is endowed with an impact-resistant and scratch-resistant tempered glass protector.

At just 0.3mm thickness, it’s one of the thinnest screen protectors for the iPad Pro M4. With the HD clarity, the ESR screen defender ensures you are able to get the most out of the OLED display. High clarity aside, the screen protector is also exceptionally responsive to the touch and supports Apple Pencil. 

ESR Screen Protector With HD Clarity 

4. JETech Screen Protector 

When there is a huge hunt to find an able screen defender for the iPad Pro M4, missing out on a top-notch screen guard like this one from JETech would be a blunder. As the JETech screen guard is bubble-free, you will be able to install it on your iPad without any hassle.

Fortified by the 9H hardness, it’s fully capable of working as a reliable defender for the tandem OLED display. Protection aside, it’s also able to provide high clarity and retain touch sensitivity for much longer courtesy of the hydrophobic and oleophobic coating. 

JETech Screen Protector 

5. Ailun Anti-Scratch Screen Protector

Ailun has long been a noted manufacturer of screen guards. Made out of high-quality tempered glass, the Ailun screen protector is equipped with 9H hardness that provides a trusted shield from scratch. For additional protection from sweat, dust, and fingerprints, it also comes with an oleophobic coating.

Thanks to the responsive screen, it fully supports Apple Pencil to let you get the most out of the digital pen or use it to create designs with the desired flair. What’s more, the company also offers camera lens protectors to let you protect the rear cameras from scratches.

Ailun Anti-Scratch Screen Protector

6. Zagg Glass XTR3 

There is a lot to like about this premium screen guard from Zagg. The Zagg Glass XTR3 is readied to deliver maximum protection from drops and scratches. However, the biggest highlight of this screen guard is the Eyesafe RPF60 technology that can filter up to 60% harmful blue light.

As a result, it can help you reduce eye strain. Another feature that makes the Zagg Glass XTR3 stand out is the anti-reflective treatment that plays a vital role in helping the OLED display provide enhanced clarity. 

Zagg Glass XTR3 

7. TQLGY 2-Pack Screen Protectors & 2-Pack Camera Lens Protectors

What about going for uncompromised protection? Well, I’m talking about offering protection to not only the 13” OLED display of your iPad Pro M4 but also the rear cameras. TQLGY has introduced a highly capable tempered glass screen protector (2-pack) that can thwart the impact and also put scuffs away. That aside, the accessory maker also provides durable camera lens protectors (2-pack) that ensure the rear cameras remain protected from scratches at all hazards.

TQLGY 2-Pack Screen Protectors & 2-Pack Camera Lens Protectors

8. LUSA Design Privacy Screen Protector

For folks who prefer to have an extra layer of shield from prying eyes, LUSA Design’s privacy screen protector can be a preferred choice. The screen guard allows the screen to be visible (when the iPad is held horizontally) to the person directly in front of the screen, thereby making sure that prying eyes or people standing beside you are not able to view your messages or find out what you are up to.

Talking about protection, Lisa claims that the screen guard is made out of 10H explosion-proof glass and delivers 10x shock as well as scratch resistance. 

LUSA Design Privacy Screen Protector

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Which is Your Top Pick?

There you have it! So, these are the most capable and protective screen guards for the newly launched iPad Pro M4 and iPad Air M2 models. Hopefully, your iPad has managed to discover a suitable screen defender.

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