Why Ambitious YouTubers Must Embrace Side Hustle!

“Being ambitious doesn’t cost you anything.

Nor does it endanger your path to something…you dream and aspire to be.

Though nothing whatsoever can ever stop you from being a dreamer,

Steal some time for a life beyond the usual play like a notorious robber.

Whether you sink or sail, embrace side hustle as your go-to floater..!” Rajesh Mishra

Why Ambitious YouTubers Must Embrace Side Hussle

Long before I could dream of being a full-time YouTuber, I was already a technology writer having worked with several prominent websites. So, when the desire to succeed on the world’s most coveted video-sharing platform crossed my mind, I looked at it as a serious side play that could have a dominating presence down the line. Never did I take on YouTubing as a full-time job that could help me earn enough bucks for a high-cost living – until it overshadowed everything else in terms of revenue.

Whenever I would wrap up my day having typed through well-researched articles containing more than 2k/3k words, I badly wanted to escape into a world where I could be the king of everything. And that too without having to trouble the already exhausted and aching mind. That’s when the thought of giving the visual avatar to my written tutorials burst onto the scene.

Not that I hadn’t tried YouTubing before, but the very idea of giving the visual avatar to all of my written tutorials, accessory roundups, troubleshooting guides, app lineups, and more charged me up to go on and on for thousand years. God willing, neither did I have to wrestle with script writing nor did I have to spend hours researching stories nor did I need the brain of an expert about whether I was swimming or sinking.

This stimulating side hustle opened a gateway to relax after rigorous days of content writing, while also taking me into an altogether different territory – slowly but steadily. Time went by and so was every little niggle that I could have as a video creator. What happened later is a fascinating story worth sharing with every other creator willing to make a living out of YouTube.

I wish each one of you understood the value of buying some precious time out without disturbing the Apple pie order. The time-out that instills boundless joy, while also carving out an amazing path for a long journey.

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Rajesh Mishra

Co-founder/Editor-in-Chief: Rajesh Mishra (Your beloved “R.K” 360 Reader Voice) is a Shakespearean poet at heart who turned a tech nerd while having a secret rendezvous with iPhone 4. When that rendezvous turned obsession, he let go of his hard-core political journalism in favour of the lifelong love-affair with technology. In a career spanning one and a half decades, Mr. Mishra has crafted over 8K articles and around 2K YouTube videos. He is probably the only journalist alive with this unique achievement. When he is not at his desk, you may find him either engrossed in a Deathmatch or chasing Wordsworth!

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