10 Ways to Fix iPhone Quick Start Not Working

As the name itself suggests, “Quick Start” makes it incredibly straightforward to set up a new iPhone. Moreover, the process is wireless, ensuring you don’t have to fiddle with cable clutters. But that doesn’t mean it’s infallible. That’s why I thought it would be cool to share some viable tips to fix iPhone Quick Start not working issue. Hence, if you can’t initiate Quick Start to transfer data from your old iPhone to the new one, it’s time to take the issue for a task so that you can seamlessly migrate your data.

Fix Quick Start Not Working on iPhone or iPad 

So, why are you unable to use Quick Start to move data from your old iPhone to your new iPhone? Well, most probably you are missing out on a few requirements. Yeah, you read that right! There are many dos that you have to keep in mind while using this seamless data transfer feature.

Besides, software glitches can also be equally responsible for the ill-functioning of this feature. Thus, we will try to take all the usual suspects into account and troubleshoot them.

1. Make Sure Your Devices are Compatible

To begin with, make sure you have a compatible device. Keep in mind that Quick Start requires iOS 11 or later. If your devices are not running the supported OS, you are out of luck. 

2. Make Sure Your New device is not enrolled in Apple School Manager or Apple Business Manager

It’s important to state that if your device is enrolled in Apple School Manager or Apple Business Manager, you won’t be allowed to use Quick Start to transfer data from your current iDevice.

3. Keep Both Your New and Older iPhone/iPad Nearby 

Note that Quick Start requires both your devices to be placed close to each other. Else, the Quick Start menu won’t pop up. 

4. Ensure That Both Devices Have Sufficient Battery 

Bear in mind that if your devices are running low on power, Quick Start won’t show up on your old device. Therefore, be sure to first power up your device. 

5. Plug Both Devices into a Power Source 

During the whole process, make sure to keep both devices plugged into a power source. It’s done to ward off any interface. 

6. Disable/Enable Bluetooth and Wireless 

Now, try turning off/on Wi-Fi and Bluetooth. Considering the fact that they are must-haves, resetting them may help in bringing the Quick Start back on track. 

  • On your iPhone; go to the Settings app -> Wi-Fi/Bluetooth -> turn off/on the toggles. 

7. Reboot Your Devices

How can you forget the solution that almost always comes into the reckoning when dealing with miscellaneous issues? Give a quick reboot to your devices as it has the knack of clearing temporary files which tend to cause issues.

8. Update Your Devices 

It’s worth pointing out that software glitches could also be spoiling your party. Thus, try updating the software to resolve the problem. 

  • To update the software, go to the Settings app on your iPhone/iPad -> General -> Software Update. 
Choose software update

9. Manually Activate Quick Start on Old Devices 

If the issue still persists, manually activate Quick Start on your old device. 

  • On the older iPhone or iPad, navigate to Settings -> General -> Transfer or Reset iPhone/iPad > “Get Started” -> trigger the Quick Start process. 

10. Factory Reset Your Devices 

Factory reset has a renowned history of fixing weird issues. Thus, we will bank on it to resolve this one as well. Bear in mind that it will erase all the custom settings on your iPadOS or iOS device and take everything to the default state. 

  • Head over to the Settings app on your device -> General -> Transfer or Reset iPhone/iPad -> Reset -> Reset All Settings. 
Reset All Settings

There you have it! 

Fixed Quick Start Not Working on iPhone or iPad

I guess you have been able to transfer data from your old iPhone to your new iPhone. Great! Let me know the trick that has worked in your favor. From what I have experienced, getting the basics right often does the trick. However, if the problem continues, things like software updates and factory reset often work in resolving the issue.

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