7 Ways to Fix Batch Photo Editing Not Working in iOS 17 on iPhone and iPad

With iOS 16, Apple has introduced “Batch Photo Editing” to let you copy all your edits and paste them all into the desired images. Yeah, you no longer need to go through the tedious process of manual photo editing. While this brand-new feature works like a charm, a handful of users have complained that it does not work as expected. If you have also found it ill-functioning, check out these 7 workable tips to fix batch photo editing in iOS 17/iPadOS 17 on iPhone and iPad.

Fix Batch Photo Editing Not Working on iPhone and iPad

So, why is copy and paste edits feature not working on iPhone and iPad? There could be several reasons why you are unable to edit photos and videos in batch on your iOS device. Here are some of the major reasons:

  • Sluggish system
  • Processing too many images at once
  • Software glitch

We are going to look at each one of the above villains and discuss solutions accordingly.

1. Force Quit All the Apps Running in the Background

The very first thing that I would recommend you do is to force kill all the apps running in the background. Knowing that batch photo editing requires a decent amount of horsepower to process faster, make sure that too many apps are not running unnecessarily on your iOS device.

  • On iPhone and iPad without the Home Button: Swipe up from the bottom of the screen -> hold along the middle of the screen to bring up the App Switcher. Then, swipe up on the app cards one by one to force quit them all.
How to Force Quit Apps on iPhone and iPad All Models
  • On iPhone and iPad with the Home Button: Double-press the Home button to reveal the App Switcher and then swipe up on the app cards to kill them.

2. Do Not Process a Ton of Images at Once

If you are trying to edit dozens of images at once, there is a good chance the devil is hidden in this very purpose. While the top-tier iPad and iPhone models may let you edit a ton of images at once without breaking any sweat at all, the older models like iPhone 8 may find it extremely difficult to get through. Hence, I would recommend you process only a handful of images in one go; especially when dealing with an older iDevice.

3. Disable Low Power Mode

When enabled, Low Power Mode reduces background activity like mail fetch and downloads. While it may not seem to be directly related to the issue, the power-saving mode could very well be coming in the way due to its nature of trying to conserve as much power as possible.

  • Go to the Settings app on your iPhone or iPad -> Battery and then turn off the toggle next to Low Power Mode.
Disable low power mode on iPhone and iPad

4. Restart Your Device

If batch photo editing continues to misbehave, reboot your device. Should a minor software glitch is behind the problem, the soft reset may be able to resolve it.

5. Update Software

Considering how rampant software bugs have become nowadays, it wouldn’t be wrong to blame a rare bug for this issue.

  • Head over to the Settings app on your iPhone or iPad -> General -> Software Update -> download and install the latest version of the software.
Tap on Software Update

6. Reset All Settings

Although factory resetting may seem to be too radical, there is no harm in giving it a chance, particularly when the basic tips are not yielding the desired result.

  • Navigate to the Settings app on your iPhone -> General -> Transfer or Reset iPhone/iPad -> Reset -> Reset All Settings.
Reset All Settings

7. Declutter Your iPhone or iPad

If nothing has worked in fixing the copy-and-paste edits problem on your iOS device, declutter your device. I mean it’s time to wipe out all the useless files and delete the redundant apps.

  • Open the Settings app on your device -> General -> iPhone/iPad Storage -> take a look at how the storage has been used.
Check storage on iPhone and iPad
  • After that, go ahead and remove everything that’s no longer needed.
  • Then, restart your device.
  • Once your device has rebooted, try to batch-edit photos to check if you have gotten the better of the problem.

Fixed Batch Photo Editing Issues on iPhone and iPad..!

There you go! I hope batch photo editing has come back on track on your iPhone or iPad. Great. Let me know the tip that has rescued you. As always, if there is any other hack not mentioned in this guide, make sure to send it across via the comments as well.

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