Can’t Find Apple Music Replay 2023? Here is the Fix

As 2023 is just about to say goodbye forever and fade away into the books of history, now is the best time to look back at everything that graced your life throughout the year. The music that kept you pumped up while you were sweating out in the gym, the songs that taught you how to belt your heart out in desolation, the tracks that triggered never-ending affection with your sweetheart, and the artists that healed your wounds deserve a silky touch of nostalgia.

Keeping this very emotion in mind, Apple releases Apple Music Replay at the end of every year. As expected, the Cupertino giant has launched the beautifully designed Music Replay this year as well to let you turn the clock back. Sadly, some users can’t find Apple Music Replay 2023. But, there is no need to lose sleep over it as I have found some workable tips to fix this issue. Read on to resolve the problem and bring this fascinating feature back on track!

Can’t Find Apple Music Replay 2023? Tips to Fix It

For those uninitiated, Apple Music is not the only music streaming service that provides a detailed collection of all the songs you have listened to in a year. Other noted music streaming services including Spotify and YouTube Music also offer an in-depth wrap of music you have streamed throughout the year.

1. Apple Music Replay is Shown Only on the Web

It’s worth pointing out that Apple Music Replay only appears on the web, and not in the Apple Music app. So, be sure to find the Replay only on the web.

2. Make Sure to Sign In To Your Account 

Another important thing that you should do without fail is to sign in to your account using your Apple ID and password on the Apple Music Replay website. Else, you won’t see the Music Replay.

3. Make Sure You Have Enabled Listening History

Note that for the Apple Music Replay to work perfectly, the music streaming app needs to have access to your “Listening History”. So, ensure that it’s turned on.

  • On your iPhone or iPad: Head into Settings app -> Music and then turn on the toggle for Use Listening History.
Enable Apple Music History on iPhone and iPad
  • On your Mac: Open the Apple Music app -> Music menu at the top left corner of the screen > Settings. After that, click on the General tab and then select Use Listening History.
Enable Apple Music Listening History on mac
  • On your Android: Launch the Apple Music app -> tap on the More button at the top and choose Settings. Next, turn on Use Listening History.

After that, open a browser -> head over to the Apple Music Replay website, and hit Get Started to check your replay 2023. Your Replay should now be available to take you back into memory lane!

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