Stop Instagram Messages from Going to Facebook Messenger on iPhone/Android

By default, the messages from your Instagram friends and followers are delivered to your FaceBook Messenger chats list. While this is very helpful if you want to keep track of all messages and also wish to manage them right from one spot, some of you may want to prevent this behavior. So, if you think that the message requests from Instagram clutter your Messenger chats list, let me show you how to quickly stop Instagram messages from going to Facebook Messenger on iPhone and Android. 

Stop Instagram Messages from Going to Facebook Messenger on iPhone and Android

To get going, ensure that Facebook Messenger and Instagram are updated on your device. If you haven’t done it yet, do it now.

Step 1. First off, open the Facebook Messenger app on your iPhone or Android device. 

Step 2. Now, tap on your profile at the upper left corner of the screen.

Open Facebook Messenger app on your iPhone or Android

Step 3. Next, scroll down and tap on Privacy & safety

Step 4. Under the Who can reach you section, tap on Message delivery

Choose privacy and safety in Facebook Messenger

Step 5. Under the Potential connections section, tap on Accounts you follow or have chatted with on Instagram and choose Don’t receive requests.

Step 6. After that, tap on your followers on Instagram and select Don’t Receive and you are good to go!

Stop Instagram Messages from Going to FaceBook Messenger on iPhoneAndroid

From now onwards, messages from Instagram will no longer go to the chats list in Facebook Messenger on your iOS or Android device. 

Later, if you ever wish to change this behavior, return to the same Message delivery section and then make the desired changes in the end. 

Frequently Asked Questions

How many reels should you publish per week?

Instagram recommends you publish 5-7 reels per week. If that doesn’t work out for you, try to unleash at least 3/4 reels per week to remain in the spotlight.

How to make money on Instagram with 500 followers?

Even with just 500 followers, you can earn decent money on Instagram by using affiliate links, adding a virtual tip jar to your bio, advertising your services, taking full advantage of sponsored posts, and setting up an Instagram store.

Wrap up…

There you have it! So, that’s how you can block Instagram messages, preventing them from messing up your Messenger chats list. Did you find this guide helpful? Feel free to share your invaluable thoughts with us.

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