2 Quick Ways to Group App Windows in Stage Manager on Mac

Though all of us aspire to be multi-tasker, very few are able to live up to expectations. While dealing with a task that requires you to be at the best of your game and carry out multiple things simultaneously, the biggest challenge that tends to come your way is how to minimize the time that goes behind moving from one end to the other. If the system is slow or if there is a lack of a tool that facilitates smooth switching, a lot of precious time is lost in transition or should I say translation. macOS 13’s Stage Manager is designed to address this very hindrance by automatically organizing your apps and windows. For a more personalized experience, you can even group app windows in Stage Manager in macOS 13 Ventura on Mac to get your work done faster. Let me show you how it’s done the right way:

2 Quick Ways to Create App Groups in Stage Manager in macOS 13 Ventura on Mac

For example, if you need to use apps like Keynote, Messages, and Notes for crafting detailed presentations, you can make a group of all these apps. Thus, you can access them all with just a quick click. That’s pretty time-saving, isn’t it? To unlock more such neat hacks, make sure to check out the 16 pro tips to use Stage Manager on Mac.

Make App Groups in Stage Manager on Mac

Making a group of windows in Stage Manager on macOS is as simple as it can ever get.

  • First off, enable Stage Manager on your Mac. Simply, click on the Control Center icon at the top right corner of the screen. Then, click on the Stage Manager icon to turn it on.
  • After that, click on a thumbnail so that it shows in the center of the screen.
  • Next, drag a thumbnail to the center window to create a group. And that’s about it! If you want to add more apps, drag their thumbnails as well.
Create a Window Group in Stage Manager on Mac
Make a Window group in Stage Manager on Mac

Make a Window Group Using a Keyboard Shortcut in Stage Manager on Mac

If you prefer to use a keyboard shortcut to perform oft-repeated tasks, you would be glad to know that there is a handy shortcut that you can use to make a group of apps in Stage Manager.

  • To do so, press the Shift key while clicking the thumbnail to create a window group.

Remove a Window from a Group in Stage Manager on Mac

Later, if you ever want to remove a window from a group in Stage Manager, simply drag it back to the thumbnail area.

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