List of Things You Can Do With Siri on Apple Vision Pro 

Siri can do way more things on Apple Vision Pro than you think. Whether it’s quickly getting information or performing specific tasks, the virtual assistant has got you fully covered. Since Siri’s responses show up at the top of what you are currently doing, you can easily refer to the information in your view without having to go back and forth. If you are willing to find out what Siri can do on Apple Vision Pro, take a detailed look at the following list of things: 

Know What You Can Do with Siri on Your Apple Vision Pro

Apple has smartly integrated Siri with Apple Vision Pro. Probably the best part about this seamless integration is the ability to use Siri to control what you are looking at on the Vision Pro. In more ways than one, it seems to be a classy clip straight from a sci-fi.

Use Siri to Control What You’re Looking At on Your Apple Vision Pro

  • To respond to a message, just look at it and say “Siri, message them.”
  • To launch a particular app, look at it and say “Siri, open this.”
  • To close a specific app, look at it and say, “Siri, close this.”

Use Siri to Perform Everyday Tasks on Your Apple Vision Pro

  • “Siri, create a to-do list in the Reminders app”
  • “Siri, read my messages.”
  • “Siri, open the Notes app.”
  • “Siri, close the Mail app.”
  • “Siri, send a message to my father”
  • “Siri, call son.”
  • “Siri, translate “How are you? into Spanish.”
  • “Siri, set an alarm.”
  • “Siri, find ‘location’ in Apple Maps.”

Use Siri to Control Apps with Your Voice on Apple Vision Pro 

  • “Siri, set up a meeting with Rajesh at 2 P.M” to create an event in Calendar.
  • “Siri, add sugar to the groceries list” to add an item to Reminders.
  • “Siri, send a message to Jack saying miss you” to send a text using Messages.
  • “Siri, open Capture.”
  • “Siri, what’s the weather today?” 
  • “Siri, what’s my update.”

Use Siri to Open and Control Settings on Your Apple Vision Pro

  • “Siri, open the Control Center.”
  • “Siri, enable Guest User.”
  • “Siri, show me my Persona.”
  • “Siri, set up hands” or “Siri, set up eyes” to redo eye or hand input.
  • “Siri, turn off my Apple Vision Pro.”
  • “Siri, turn on my Apple Vision Pro.”

Use Siri to Set and Change Environments on Your Apple Vision Pro

  • “Siri, turn on my environment”
  • “Siri, turn off my Environment.”
  • “Siri, make it daytime.”
  • While looking at an Environment say, “Siri, open this Environment.”
  • “Siri, what Environments do I have?”
  • “Siri, take me to the Moon.”
  • “Siri, go to Haleakala.”

Discover More Siri Capabilities By Asking Questions

If you ever get confused, you can ask Siri about what you can do to discover more capabilities. To do so, trigger Siri and ask something like, “Siri, what can I do here?”.

So, yeah, these are some of the most important things you can do with Siri. Remember, these are just the tip of the iceberg. Therefore, dig deeper to unravel more fascinating stuff you can perform with Siri on the mixed reality headset.

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