How to Use Private Network Address on Apple Vision Pro

Unique design and top-tier specs aside, what has caught my eye in the Apple Vision Pro is the ability to let you safeguard your personal information. Whether you wish to shield your browsing data, securely share your Vision Pro with a guest user, or use a MAC address to thwart insidious tracking, the mixed reality headset has got you fully covered. Read on to learn how to enable and use a private network address on your Apple Vision Pro.

How to Use Private MAC Address on Apple Vision Pro

Before going any further, let’s briefly put some light on MAC address and why you should never fail to get the most out of this security feature.

What is exactly a Private Network Address and how does it work? 

Just like any other device, Apple Vision Pro also makes use of a unique private network address known as the “Media Access Control” or (MAC) address on each Wi-Fi network it connects to. To be more precise, a MAC address (a 12-digit hexadecimal number) is basically a device’s physical address which is hard-coded to the network card.

Specifically assigned to each device connected to the network, the MAC address can be found on a device’s network interface card (NIC). For enhanced privacy and to be able to resist tracking, you should make sure to keep a Private Address enabled on your Vision Pro. 

Enable MAC Address on Apple Vision Pro

  • To get started, head over to the Settings app on your Apple Vision Pro. 
  • In the familiar Settings menu, choose Wi-Fi to proceed. 
  • Now, tap on the tiny info button right next to the Wi-Fi network. 
  • Next, turn off the toggle right next to Private Address and you are good to go!

Going forward, PNA will go all out to reduce the tracking of your Apple Vision Pro across different Wi-Fi networks. 

How to Disable Private Network Address on Your Apple Vision Pro 

Later, if you ever wish to turn off the Private Address aka MAC address on your mixed reality headset, you can do that without any hassle. 

  • On your Apple Vision Pro, navigate to the Settings app -> Wi-Fi
  • Next, hit the small info icon right next to a Wi-Fi network. 
  • Now, turn off the toggle next to Private Address and that’s about it!

Signing off…

While Apple Vision Pro might not be perfect in each aspect, the headset has the potential to be the next big thing in the tech universe. Though only time will tell whether or not it manages to live up to the billing, I have the gut feeling that Apple’s mixed-reality headset has already ignited the spatial computing war by giving it a more realistic avatar.

Now that the “Metaverse” has got the loop, it shouldn’t take much time for tech titans to amp up the mixed reality game…

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