How to Use Photos Repair Library Tool in macOS 14 Sonoma

Is your Photos app unresponsive, frozen, or throwing all sorts of unexpected tantrums? If you are nodding in the affirmation, it’s time to take full advantage of the built-in repair tool. Wondering what is photos repair tool and how does it work on Mac? Well, this is exactly why I have created this guide to let you use the Photos repair tool on Mac in order to get rid of underlying issues and bring it back on track.

Use Photos Repair Library Tool on Mac in macOS Sonoma

To get going, let’s put an end to all the doubts that could be lingering around!

What exactly is the Photos Repair Library tool and how does it let you fix issues?

Photos Library is designated to store all the photos transferred or copied from your iPhone/iPad or a memory card. Needless to say, the stock photos app allows you to preview and manage these images.

The Photos Library is stored in the Pictures folder on Mac. These photos then can be previewed with the Photos app.

As the name itself implies, the Photos Pepair Library tool is a utility specifically designed to let you detect and sort out issues on demand. For times when the Photos app is misbehaving, you can get the most out of this handy feature to resolve the problem.

Now, you must be thinking about how effective it is and whether or not it works as expected. Note that it might not always be able to troubleshoot the issue that could be haunting your photo library. However, considering how pivotal this lesser-known utility is, you should never miss out on this one.

From what I can tell based on my several encounters with the hidden Photos library repair tool, it has around 80% effectiveness. While it might not seem to be an impressive number, I’m quite pleased with how it functions. So long as you do not look at this tool as a magic wand, chances are you may come out impressed with it – more often than not.

Of course, Apple Support is always there to help you sort out the problem if all else fails.

Pre-Requisites to Follow Before Using Photos Repair Library Tool in macOS

To get going, ensure that you have made a local backup of your photo library. Bother not, you can make the most of Time Machine or use a third-party backup solution depending on your convenience. Do note that macOS stores your photo library inside the Pictures folder within the home folder.

The good thing is if you repair a photo library that is synced with iCloud Photos, iCloud will automatically have a detailed look at the library once the repair process is done to make sure all your photos have synced properly. Hence, there is no need to worry about losing photos due to any glitch.

Since this hidden utility has existed for quite some time, you can bring it into play even on your aging Mac running an older version of macOS. Though it might not be able to perform with the same level of efficiency.

Activate Photos Repair Library Tool to Fix Issues

  • To get started, quit the Photos app, if it’s open. Just right-click on the app icon in the dock and choose Quit in the popup menu.
Quit Photos app on Mac
  • After that, you need to hold down the Command and Option keys at once while clicking on the Photos app icon.
  • Now, a window will appear on the screen showing the option to repair your library. Hit Repair to proceed.
Use photos repair library tool on Mac
  • Be sure to enter your user account password to confirm.
  • Now, have a little patience and wait until the repair process has been completed.

As to how much time the whole repairing process will take, it all comes down to the total size of your photo library. Once it’s done, your Photos app will launch the library and hopefully the issue would be gone for good. Voila!

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