How to Use Accessibility Shortcuts on Apple Vision Pro 

With every major update, Apple launches a bunch of super handy Accessibility features. Whether it’s Apple Watch mirroring, VoiceOver, Spoken Text, or the ever-reliable Sound Recognition, Apple’s Accessibility suite has got a variety of features primarily designed for differently-abled people. If you are fond of Accessibility, chances are high that you would be mighty pleased to know that you can use Accessibility shortcuts on your Apple Vision Pro. Read on…

How to Set Up and Use Accessibility Shortcuts on Apple Vision Pro

To begin with, let’s briefly understand how Accessibility shortcuts work on the Vision Pro! 

So, how do you use Accessibility shortcuts on Apple Vision Pro? 

If you have tried Accessibility shortcuts on your iPhone, you might already be familiar with this neat feature. On iPhone/iPad, you can quickly enable/disable a specific Accessibility feature by just triple-clicking the power button in quick succession. 

Guess what? Apple has beautifully replicated this functionality on the Vision Pro as well. Thanks to the useful Digital Crown, you can take control of a particular feature by triple-clicking the Digital Crown on your mixed-reality headset. 

Set Up Accessibility Shortcut on Your Apple Vision Pro 

  • On your Apple Vision Pro, head over to the Settings app -> choose Accessibility
  • Now, select the features you would like to use. 

Quickly Enable/Disable Accessibility Features Using the Digital Crown on Your Apple Vision Pro

  • Just triple-click the Digital Crown and then choose the feature you would like to activate. 
  • Later, if you ever wish to disable it, triple-click the Digital and deselect the feature to turn it off.

Add Your Favorite Accessibility Features to Control Center on Apple Vision Pro

If you are willing to further amp up the Accessibility game on your Apple Vision Pro, make the best use of the option to add some Accessibility features to the Control Center. It will help you invoke these features with utmost ease.

  • To get started, navigate to the Settings app on your Vision Pro and choose Control Center.
  • Now, find the Accessibility features you want to use. Then, tap on the “+” button right next to a specific feature to add it to the Control Center.

Enable/Disable Your Favorite Accessibility Features from the Control Center on Apple Vision Pro

Once you have added a feature to the Control Center, bringing it into action becomes a pretty simple task.

  • Simply, look up and tap on the tiny “Down” button near the top of the view.
tap on the Downward arrow
  • Now, tap on the Control Center icon.
Tap on Control Center icon
  • Finally, tap on the “Control” you want to turn on/off.

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