How to Turn Video into Live Sticker in iOS 17 on iPhone and iPad 

If you are rocking iOS 17, there is a good chance your sticker collection has got a boatload of fun-loving Live Stickers. And why not, the latest iteration of iOS offers a neat way to convert Live Photos into Live Stickers for a more personalized messaging experience. But have you ever wished to turn a video into Live Sticker in iOS 17 and got disappointed to know the fact that there is no official way to get it done? If you are nodding in the affirmative, this guide is for you. 

Convert Video into Live Sticker in iOS 17 on iPhone and iPad

Before going any further, let’s understand how this tip works! 

How do you convert a video into a Live Sticker? 

As iOS 17 lacks a built-in way to transform a video into a Live Sticker, you will need to take a bit different route to achieve this goal. First and foremost, you will have to rely on a third-party “Video to Live Photo Converter” to bridge the gap. Knowing the fact that creating a Live Sticker requires you to have a Live Photo, this is a must-have requirement that you need to tick off beforehand.

For the purpose of this guide, I’m going to use an app called “Video to Live” developed by Anish Modan. The app is available for free and supports iOS 13 or later. Hence, you won’t need to spend any bucks to get the most out of this tip.

Use “Video to Live” to Convert Video into a Live Photo on iPhone and iPad 

  • To get started, download the Video to Live app and launch it. 
  • After that, ensure that the Video tab is selected. 
  • Next, select a video from your photo library.
  • Next, you can trim your video, mute/unmute the sound, and also use a variety of filters to enhance the appearance.
  • Finally, convert the video into a Live Photo and save it to your photo library. 
Use Video to Live to Convert Video into a Live Photo on iPhone and iPad

Turn a Live Photo into a Live Sticker on iPhone and iPad 

Now that you have successfully transformed your clip into a Live Photo, run through the steps below to create a Live Sticker.

  • Head over to the Photos app on your iPhone or iPad. 
  • Now, find the Live Photo in question. 
  • Long-press on the Live Photo and tap on Add Sticker in the popup menu. 
  • That’s it! You have created a Live Sticker on your device. As always, it will automatically be saved in your sticker pack and available across the device. 
Turn a Live Photo into a Live Sticker on iPhone and iPad

Use Live Stickers in iMessage on iPhone and iPad 

  • To get going, open the Messages app -> a chat thread -> hit the “+” button at the bottom -> Stickers.
Choose Stickers
  • Choose a sticker and send it. Or, you can drag a specific sticker and drop it in a chat bubble. 
Use Live Sticker in iMessage on iPhone and iPad

Wrapping up…

That’s pretty much it! So, that’s how you can craft awesome Live Stickers from videos on your iPhone or iPad. I guess your sticker pack will soon have plenty of hilarious stickers to spice up the messaging convenience. 

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