How to Take a Screenshot on Apple Vision Pro

Maybe you wish to share an exciting moment with your dear ones or record a stunning scene while watching a show on your Apple Vision Pro. Or, maybe you are willing to capture a moment for a keepsake. Whatever your personal reason is, let me tell you that you can screenshot on Apple Vision Pro with ease. Follow along to learn how it’s done: 

How to Capture Screenshots on Apple Vision Pro

To begin with, let’s briefly put some light on how capturing a screenshot works on the mixed-reality headset! 

So, how do you take a screenshot on your Apple Vision Pro? 

When it comes to offering a seamless experience, Apple knows the best. As you have already guessed, the whole process of screen recording or capturing a moment feels pretty intuitive on the AR/VR headset. 

If you are already an iPhone user, Vision Pro’s settings will seem to be a familiar territory right from the onset. On top of all that, Siri is always there to make your task smooth sailing. 

Note that Vision Pro allows you to take a screenshot of the entire field of view. That means everything you see including your environments and physical room along with the apps that you are currently using will be included in the screenshot. Since the entire captured images and clips are automatically saved in the Photos app, you can view your shots and share them with your loved ones without any hassle.

How to Capture Your View on Apple Vision Pro 

  • To get started, you need to press both the Digital Crown and the Top button at once. 
Take a screenshot on Apple Vision Pro
  • After that say, “Siri, take a screenshot”. Voila! Siri will instantly swing into action and capture a screenshot of the entire field of view for you. 
  • As already mentioned above, all of your screenshots will be saved in the stock photos app, thereby allowing you to navigate through your shots, blast them on social networking sites, or share them with friends with complete peace of mind. 

Wrapping up…

Beyond the best-in-class specs and robust processor, what has stood Apple Vision Pro in good stead is the ability to deliver a more pragmatic spatial computing experience. For folks who are part of the Apple ecosystem, the mixed-reality headset feels just an extension. With similar settings and deep integration, it makes the learning curve dead simple. Even if you are a newbie geek, you won’t have to put a lot of effort into having a good grip on the headset.

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