How to Stop iPhone Contacts from Syncing with Outlook

As an email app, “Microsoft Outlook” defines versatility. Should you need an email client that can let you take control of all of your email accounts and calendars right from one spot, Outlook can live up to your expectations with aplomb. But what if you have decided to look beyond this app and no longer want your contacts to be associated with it? No worries! Read on to learn how to stop your iPhone contacts from syncing with Outlook the right way.

Stop Contacts from Syncing with Outlook on iPhone and iPad

Modern versions of iOS offer a hassle-free way to sync your contacts with any email service. So, you have the flexibility to choose and use the desired service, if you aren’t pleased with Apple Mail or want something more efficient to let you manage your emails. If you ever happen to change your mind, you can get rid of a third-party email account without any hassle.

  • On your iPhone or iPad, open the Settings app.
  • In the Settings menu, scroll down and select Mail.
  • Now, select Accounts.
Choose Mail
  • Next, choose your Outlook account.
  • Turn off the toggle next to Contacts.
  • Finally, make sure to tap on Save at the upper right corner of the user interface to confirm the action.
Stop syncing iPhone contacts with Outlook

That’s pretty much it! From now onwards, your iPhone contacts will no longer sync with Outlook.

How to Permanently Delete Outlook Account from iPhone and iPad

If you would rather want to get rid of the Outlook account for good, there is an easy way to get it done as well.

  • On your iPhone or iPad, head over to the Settings app.
  • Scroll down and choose Mail.
  • Now, tap on Accounts.
  • Next up, tap on Delete Account.
  • Up next, a popup will appear on the screen saying, “Deleting this account will remove its calendars, notes, reminders, and contacts from your iPhone/iPad.”
Delete Outlook account from iPhone and iPad

Frequently Asked Questions

1. How do you set Microsoft Outlook as the default email app on iPhone or iPad?

Ans: Navigate to the Settings app -> Scroll down and choose Mail -> Default Mail App -> Choose Outlook.

2. Which is better – Apple Mail or Microsoft Outlook?

Ans: Both in terms of productivity and ease of use, Microsoft Outlook is way better than Apple Mail. Comparatively, Apple Mail has a clunky user interface and lacks efficient tools to manage emails or for that matter keep the clutter at bay.

3. How do you adjust the “Undo send delay” in Apple Mail on iPhone and iPad?

Ans: Dive into the Settings app on your iOS/iPadOS device -> Mail -> Scroll down to the bottom of the screen and choose Undo Send Delay -> select the preferred delay time and you are all set!

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