How to Set a Reminder for Email in iOS 16 on iPhone and iPad

Apple has vastly improved the stock Mail app in iOS 16. For a change, the Mail app allows you to unsend an email, schedule an email, and also set a reminder. Aside from helping you remember an important email, it can also play a vital role in keeping the clutter away from your inbox. That said, let’s learn how you can set a reminder for an email in the Apple Mail app in iOS 16 on iPhone and iPad. 

Set a Reminder for Email in iOS 16/iPadOS 16 on iPhone and iPad

When you have tons of emails to keep track of and manage, it becomes really challenging to respond to each one at the right time. Hence, many important emails either get lost in the pileup or never manage to catch your attention. Worse, because of this chaotic email management, you often miss out on great deals or fail to cash in on exclusive offers. Hopefully, it will no longer be the case now thanks to the addition of a native email reminder in the stock email app.

Step 1. Open the Apple Mail app on your iPhone or iPad.

Step 2. Now, head over to the email you would like to set a reminder for.

Step 3. Next, you need to swipe from left to right on the email and tap Later. It is worth pointing out that you can mark it as “Unread” before using the Remind feature.

Open Mail App on iPhone and iPad

Step 4. Next up, select from one of the preset reminder times or tap Remind Me Later at the bottom and then set a custom time.

Step 5. In the end, make sure to tap Done to confirm the changes.

Set a Reminder for Email in iOS 16/iPadOS 16 on iPhone and iPad

That’s it! Your email will disappear from your inbox and reappear at the scheduled time.

You can follow these same quick steps to set more reminders for all of your important emails.

Signing off…

Notably, when you use Remind Later with Mail, your scheduled email actually is sent to the trash folder. So, if you ever want to change the scheduled reminder or remove it, head into the Trash folder.

From what I can tell, this feature works reliably. Ever since I ran into this handy feature, I have been using it to remind essential things related to emails. Moreover, it also helps me keep the clutter away from the inbox. What’s your take on this Mail feature? Do not forget to shoot your thoughts in the comments below.

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