How to Search the Web with a Phone Call on iPhone

Right from the onset, the Arc Search has been a pretty neat browser. What has helped it catch a lot of attention is a wide range of features that make searching the web a faster and more convenient experience. Interestingly, you can use Arc Search to search the web even with a phone call on your iPhone. If you find this feature fascinating, let me show you how it works. 

Search the Web with a Phone Call Using the Arc iPhone Browser

  • To begin with, I would like to inform you that the ability to search the web with a phone call has just been added through an update. Therefore, make sure to update the browser before going any further so that you don’t get caught wondering why this new add-on is missing. 
  • Just fire up the App Store app on your iOS device -> tap on your profile at the top right -> scroll down to find the Arc Search app and hit the Update button to update the browser. 
  • Once you have successfully updated the Arc Search app, launch it on your iPhone. 
  • Now, raise your device to your ear. 
  • After that, ask a question like “Who is Tim Cook?”. 
  • Next, the browser will play a nice hold music and subsequently offer up a verbal answer. Notably, it will also smartly stand by for another question so that you can continue the conversation – pretty much like a live conversation.
How to Search the Web with a Phone Call on iPhone 1

There are three things that make this web searching feature through a phone calling gesture pretty cool. 

  • First and foremost, the moment you raise your device to your ear, the search functionality kicks in. 
  • Second, it provides the answers verbally. And third, the whole voice-based search experience makes it look as if you are engaged in a phone call. 

For times when you are on the go and want to quickly find out something, it can come in super handy. That said, give it a try, and let me know your thoughts about this voice-based search feature.

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