How to Play Background Sounds on Apple Vision Pro

For times when you want to go your all out to complete a project or give your 100% to a task, keeping distractions like unwanted noise becomes the need of the hour. Of course, you can play some soothing sounds to mask environmental noise. But, wouldn’t it be better if your Mac offered a collection of background sounds like rain and ocean so that you can choose the desired one without having to run from pillar to post? Yeah, that would be cool! On this very note, follow along to learn how to use background sounds on your Apple Vision Pro. 

Enable and Use Background Sounds on Apple Vision Pro

Just like the modern versions of iOS, iPadOS, and macOS, visionOS provides a handful of background sounds such as: 

  • Rain
  • Ocean
  • Stream
  • Balanced noise 
  • Dark noise
  • Bright noise

Hence, if you ever feel the need to shut the clamor and concentrate on the task at hand, you can play your preferred sound. In terms of functionality, this Accessibility feature works in the same way as it does on other iDevices. 

Notably, this hidden audio feature also offers you the flexibility to adjust the volume of the background sound when your mixed-reality headset is playing music or other media. Depending on your needs, you can choose to stop the sounds when the headset is locked or continue to play it without any interference. 

  • On your Apple Vision Pro, go to the Settings app and then choose Accessibility
  • After that, select Audio/Visual to proceed. 
  • Then, select Background Sounds and turn it on. 

Customize the Background Sounds on Your Vision Pro

For a more personalized experience, you should also fine-tune the background sounds to ensure they are always in line with your preference. 

  • To get it done, choose the desired sound and then download it on your headset. 
  • After that, make sure to adjust the sound by dragging the slider left or right. 
  • Be sure to fine-tune the volume of the background sound when your AR/VR headset is streaming a video or music.
  • As stated above, you can also allow the background sounds to continue to play even when the headset is locked.

That’s pretty much it! Customize everything to your heart’s liking and then quit the Settings app. Now that you are familiar with this audio feature, never fail to bring it into action as and when you want to overcome the unpleasant outside sounds. As someone who has been using it for a long time on my Mac and iPhone, I must say that it’s worth having at your disposal. What’s your take on it?

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