How to Place App Icons Anywhere on iPhone Home Screen in iOS 18

iOS 18 has amped-up the Home Screen customization game – big time! Whether it’s changing the app icons’ color or making apps look bigger or smaller or activating the dark theme for a more comfortable viewing experience in the dimly lit environment, it’s got the tools to win you over.

But do you know what has won everyone’s heart? Well, it’s the ability to place app icons anywhere on the screen that has grabbed the most attention. This is exactly what you need to design your Home Screen to your heart’s liking. Read on…

Put App Icons Anywhere on iPhone Home Screen

So, how does customizing the Home Screen in a freewheeling way work on iOS 18? Well, it’s all about dragging an app icon and dropping it almost anywhere on the screen. If you have ever fine-tuned the Home Screen on an Android device, chances are you would find the whole affair a pretty familiar affair. 

  • To get started, long-press on the empty area of the screen to get into the “Jiggle mode”. 
  • After that, use the drag-and-drop gesture to perfectly arrange your app icons. 
  • As there is no restriction at all, you can put your app icons almost anywhere on the screen. 
  • Once you have perfectly customized your Home Screen, make sure to tap on the Done button and you are all set!

Notably, iOS 18 has also offered a way to lock apps with Face ID on iPhone. Therefore, if you no longer want anyone to get into your sensitive apps such as dating, expense trackers, and banking, this security feature will please you no end. 

That’s not all, you can now even hide your apps so that they can stay away from the prying eyes. Once an app has been hidden, it goes into a dedicated folder called “Hidden” located in the App Library. Then, Face ID is required to not only view that folder but also unlock a specific app. 

Should you wish to unlock more such neat iPhone tips, do not forget to check our extensive lineup of the best iOS 18 hidden features. 

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