How to Make Siri Speak in Hindi on iPhone in iOS 18

Did you ever wish to make Siri speak in Hindi on your iPhone and get disappointed to know the fact that Apple’s virtual assistant doesn’t support the Hindi language? If you are nodding in the affirmative, it’s time to rejoice as Apple has listened to your wish. With the introduction of iOS 18, you can have Siri speak in several Indian languages. Read on to get started!

Converse with Siri in Hindi on iPhone and iPad

To begin with, let’s briefly discuss how conversing with Siri in Hindi works.

So, how do change Siri’s language and make it converse in several Indian languages?

Well, in the latest iteration of iOS, there is a slightly hidden setting that lets you speak the personal assistant in only English or English & Hindi. This is precisely what has opened the gate for a variety of possibilities. Once this option is selected, you can interact with Siri using English mixed with Hindi and other supported languages including –

  • Punjabi
  • Gujarati
  • Malayalam
  • Kannada
  • Marathi 
  • Tamil 
  • Telgu 
  • Bangla

Set Up and Use the Hindi Language with Siri on Your iPhone or iPad

1. On your iPhone or iPad, go to the Settings app. 

2. Now, select Siri.

3. Under the Siri Requests section, choose Language

Choose Language option in Siri setting on iPhone and iPad

4. Next, scroll down a bit and choose English (India).

5. On the next screen, you have two options: 

  • English Only: Select it to speak with Siri only in English. 
  • English & Hindi: Choose it to interact with Siri in Hindi and other supported languages. 
  • Pick the second option and you are all set! From now on, you can invoke Siri and converse with it in Hindi or other compatible Indian languages. 
How to make Siri Speak in Hindi in iOS 18 on iPhone and iPad

Final Thoughts …

While I’m pleased to know that Siri has become versatile enough to communicate in Hindi and many other popular Indian languages, it’s going to take some time for Apple’s virtual assistant to master these languages. As of now, Siri has a lot of difficulty in understanding Indian languages.

Forget about state languages like Gujarati, Tamil, and Punjabi, Siri is having a hard time getting through the plain Hindi language. Since iOS 18 is going through a churning and will be rolled out after months of beta testing, the virtual assistant may iron out a lot of shortcomings. However, expecting the personal assistant to be proficient in these languages in just a few months time will be too immature. That said, give this new add-on a shot on your iPhone and share your practical experience with me.

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