How to Lock White Balance on iPhone Camera in iOS 17

With the release of iOS 17, you can now lock the white balance while using the iPhone’s Camera app to record videos with enhanced control. A camera’s white balance setting determines the actual color of white. As a result, a baseline is created from which all other colors can be evaluated. This helps fix white, which might not always appear “white” depending on the lighting. The camera will not automatically change the colors that appear on the subject when moving between scenes and lighting conditions when the white balance is locked. Locking the white balance on your iPhone camera in iOS 17 can come in super handy when you want it to remain the same throughout a video recording. Keep reading to…

Lock White Balance on iPhone Camera in iOS 17 or Later

To begin with, let’s have a clear understanding of what the white balance is and why you should keep it locked!

What is White Balance?

White balance is a term used in photography and digital imaging to describe the alterations of colors in a photo or video to make white objects appear truly white, independent of the lighting circumstances under which the photo or video was captured. It is necessary because various light sources release light with varying color temperatures, causing changes in how colors are perceived to be in objects.

A camera setting known as “white balance” adjusts the colors in your videos or photos so that white objects appear white in the video or picture. It eliminates illusory color casts and makes sure that the colors in your videos or pictures are realistic to life.

You can capture more accurate and attractive videos or images by efficiently balancing the white balance, which will ensure that your color remains true to the original scene regardless of lighting conditions.

What is White Balance in iPhone?

The white balance of an iPhone camera describes adjusting the colors in videos to make it look like White objects are Neutral and True colors, no matter how you light them. The white balance feature in the camera of your iPhone is automatic, aiming to achieve accurate color capture at a scene based on lighting conditions. 

In order to generate realistic colors, the automatic white balance setting evaluates the lighting situation and modifies the color temperature and tint settings as required. White items will appear white in the video and any color cast from the light source will be eliminated. 

The manual white balance controls can also be provided with an iPhone camera app in addition to the automatic white balance. In order to attain a desired color tone, or correct for difficult lighting situations, these controls enable manual adjustment of the White Balance settings.

Depending on the lighting circumstances, you can often choose from a variety of preset options when using manual white balance, such as daylight, cloudy, fluorescent, or tungsten. Some camera apps may also provide a custom white balance option, allowing you to set the white balance using a reference photograph of a white or neutral-gray item.

In general, the white balance feature of your iPhone helps you capture videos with an accurate and natural color by adjusting to different lighting conditions. It makes it possible to ensure that the colors in your videos are as realistic as they can be, which is why you get more visually pleasing and consistent videos.

What is White Balance Lock on iPhone?

The iPhone camera’s white balance lock feature allows you to lock the white balance setting so that it does not change when you move the camera. Once you have locked the white balance, your camera will continue to set its current white balance even when there is a change in lighting conditions or during the replication of images.

In general, the camera’s white balance settings are automatically set and adjusted on a constant basis in accordance with prevailing lighting conditions. There are times, though, when you might want to maintain the white balance throughout a series of visuals or in specific situations.

You can ensure that your camera maintains a selected white balance setting without changing it when using the “White Balance Lock” feature, even with changes in lighting conditions. It can be especially useful if you are shooting in an environment with a combination of lighting sources for the purpose of maintaining color and mood in your videos.

In order to achieve a consistent and intentional color rendering across multiple exposures or in special shooting conditions, enabling the white balance lock provides you with more control over the color temperature and tint of your photographs.

Quick Way to Lock White Balance on iPhone Camera

  • First and foremost, ensure that your iPhone is running iOS 17 or later.
  • To get started, open the Settings app on your iPhone.
  • Scroll down and select Camera
Open Settings and tap on Camera
  • Then, tap on Record video
  • Finally, turn on the toggle for Lock White Balance and you are good to go!
Tap on Record Video and enable Lock White Balance

That’s you have successfully locked the white balance on your iPhone camera. Now, without worrying about unwanted changes to the white balance, you can open a video mode in the Camera app and start shooting videos.

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