How to Instantly Hide All iPhone Screenshots in iOS 18 (Video)

Apple Photos app has got a lot of love in iOS 18. One of the most notable yet slightly hidden features that the stock photos app has received is the ability to temporarily hide all screenshots at once in the photo library. Times when you want to view your photo library by keeping the random screenshots at bay, this neat feature will come into play. Read on…

Temporarily Hide All iPhone Screenshots at Once in iOS 18

During leisure time, one of my favorite indulgences is to catch up with the memories snapped across months and years. Being a professional writer who has to create guides for iOS day in and day out, taking screenshots is something that I have to live with not just in real life but also in slumber.

Yeah, most of the times I’m caught snapping screenshots and mocking them with the handy annotation tools that Apple has offered for ages. Though I make sure to clean up the clutter once I’m done with the work, there are occasions when laziness and forgetfulness creep in, thereby leaving my photo library messed up with too many screengrabs lingering around. That’s the reason why the flexibility to keep them away temporarily has managed to resonate with my taste. Hopefully, it might do the same with you as well.

  • To get started, open the Photos app on your iPhone running iOS 18 or later.
  • Now, slightly swipe up to bring up the toolbar. 
  • Then, tap on the upward/downward arrow to access the hidden menu. 
  • After that, choose the “View Options” option in the menu. 
  • Finally, deselect the “Show Screenshots” option in the menu and you are all set!
  • It will instantly hide all the screenshots from the photo library so that you can view your memories with complete peace of mind. 
  • Note that when you relaunch the Photos app, all of your screenshots will come back. So, you don’t have to worry about losing them at all.

There you go! Hopefully, the cluster of screenshots will no longer ruin your peaceful memory scrolling or viewing experience. In terms of functionality, it works as expected. Therefore, you can count on it to come good when needed.

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