How to Hide Frequently Visited Websites from Safari Start Page on Mac

By default, Safari shows the frequently visited websites right on the start page so that you can easily access your favorite websites. While this is a great feature from a user experience perspective, it can expose your privacy, allowing anyone to check out the websites that you often visit. But bother not, there is a quick way to hide the frequently visited websites from the Safari start page on Mac. Let me show you how…

Hide Frequently Visited Websites from Safari Start Page in macOS Sonoma

Already recognized as a robust browser for privacy-conscious people, Apple Safari has had several notable security and privacy features in iOS 17/macOS 14 Sonoma. Whether it’s the ability to create profiles for managing personal and professional lives, lock private windows with Face ID/Touch ID, or remove the unique tracking identifier from URLs automatically to prevent cross-website tracking, Safari has further strengthened its reputation as the most secure browser.

  • First off, open Safari on your Mac and head over to the start page.
  • After that, click on the menu icon at the bottom right corner of the screen. 
  • Now, a menu will appear with multiple options. 
  • Finally, uncheck the box to the left of Frequently Visited and you are good to go! The change will get into action immediately, thereby removing all the frequently visited websites from the start page.  
Hide frequently visited websites from Safari start page on Mac
  • And yes, the browser will no longer display the websites that you often visit. Hence, you can rest assured that prying eyes won’t be able to find out what you are up to. 
  • Later, if you ever happen to change your mind, go back to the same menu and then check the box for Frequently Visited and you are done!
Show frequently visited websites on Safari start page on Mac

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Why is Safari running slowly on my Mac?

There are a couple of main reasons why Safari tends to become sluggish – software bugs and cluttered storage. Hence, updating your Mac or cleaning up the redundant files will help you bring Safari back on track.

2. Why doesn’t Apple launch Safari on Windows?

It’s no secret that Apple wants to keep its most popular apps and features (i.e., iMessage, Safari, AirDrop, etc.) locked inside the Apple ecosystem. It’s a pretty smart way to entice people living on the other side of the fence to switch to iOS/macOS.

3. How do you import browsing history and passwords from Chrome to Safari?

Importing browsing history and passwords from Chrome to Safari is as seamless as it can ever get. Simply, click on the File menu inside Safari -> choose Import From -> Google Chrome and confirm.

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