7 Ways to Fix iMessage and FaceTime Issues After Activation on iPhone 15

There is a lot to like about the iPhone 15 Series. Whether it’s the wicked fast speed, pro-grade cameras, or the stunning display flaunting Dynamic Island, the smartphones have got the specs to win you over. But that doesn’t mean the iPhone 15 models are immune to issues. A handful of users have complained about the iMessage and FaceTime issues after activation on the iPhone 15 Series. If you are also on the same side of the problem, try out these handy workarounds to resolve it. 

Best Tips to Fix iMessage and FaceTime Issues After Activation on iPhone

So, why are iMessage and FaceTime ill-functioning? Though the software bug appears to be the main reason, I won’t rule out the possibility of other equally responsible culprits like app-related issues and server outages. Therefore, we will need to look for various ways to resolve the issues and bring both Apple Messages and FaceTime back on track. 

1. Update Your iPhone

Profitably, the easiest way to fix the iMessage activation issue is to update the software. Therefore, you should go for it first.

  • To get started, plug your iPhone into a power outlet using a Lightning cable. After that, power plug and then ensure that your device is connected to a power source.
  • Next, launch the Settings app -> General -> Software Update.
    Tap Download and Install.
  • If asked, make sure to enter your passcode.
Update software

2. Check Your Phone Line

Another important thing that you should do without fail is to check your phone line.

  • Head over to the Settings app -> Cellular/Mobile Data and then make sure that your phone line is enabled.

3. Check Your Phone Number

  • Just in case you use multiple SIMs, ensure that the phone number you wish to use is selected and turned on.

4. Select the Correct Phone Number for iMessage

Make sure you have selected the correct phone number for your iMessage.

  • Navigate to Settings -> Messages -> Send & Receive and then select the phone number that you wish to use with Messages.

5. Select the Correct Phone Number for FaceTime

Be sure you have chosen the correct phone number for FaceTime.

  • Go to the Settings app -> FaceTime and then select the phone number that you would like to use with ‌FaceTime‌.

6. Ensure That FaceTime and iMessage are Working As Usual 

If FaceTime and iMessage are down or embroiled in some sort of technical issues, they will misbehave and might not work as expected. 

  • Launch a browser on your device and navigate to the Apple System Status webpage to check if iMessage and FaceTime are live and kicking. 

7. Restore Your iPhone

If nothing has worked in fixing the issue, restore your iPhone as new. Bear in mind that it will completely erase your device

  • Simply connect your iPhone to your Mac or Windows PC. Then launch Finder or iTunes.
  • After that, select your iPhone and back up your device. Note that if you want the backup to include your health data and Safari passwords, be sure to encrypt the backup. To do so, just check the box to the left of Encrypt Backup and then password-protect it.
Restore your iPhone using Finder
  • Once the backup is done, restore your iPhone and then set it up. During setup, Apple will let you restore your device via the most recent backup.

Fixed iMessage and FaceTime Issues on iPhone

There you go! Hopefully, you have successfully fixed the iMessage and FaceTime issues after activation. Let me know the tips that have worked for you.

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