How to Delete a Contact Poster in iOS 17 on iPhone 

With iOS 17, you can create a variety of contact posters and showcase them to represent your contact information in style. As there is no limitation at all, you can make as many posters as you would like. But what if you have made way too many posters on iPhone and now want to get rid of some of the useless ones in order to keep the clutter away? Well, bother not, as deleting the unnecessary contact posters is pretty simple. That said, let’s get started. 

How to Delete a Contact Poster on iPhone

Removing a contact poster on iPhone is akin to how you clean up an iPhone Lock Screen. Yeah, you got that right! The hidden trash icon is just a swipe away. Since the trash icon is concealed, many folks are unable to figure out how the deletion of an iPhone contact poster works.

  • First off, open the Contacts app on your iOS device and then tap on your Contact card. Alternatively, open the Phone app -> Contacts tab at the bottom -> tap on your contact card. 
  • Now, tap on Contact Photo & Poster
  • Next, tap on the Edit button at the bottom of your current contact poster. 
tap on the edit button
  • Next up, you should see all of your contact posters. 
  • You can now swipe left or right to find the contact poster you want to get rid of. 
  • After that, swipe up the contact poster you want to delete. 
  • Up next, tap on the Trash button at the bottom of the contact poster. 
  • Finally, tap on the Delete button in the popup to confirm the action and you are good to go.
tap on the Delete button
  • Note that you can repeat the same steps to remove other redundant contact posters from your device. And that’s pretty much it! 

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Why is my iPhone draining the battery so fast after the iOS 17 software update?

While the software bug could very well be the wrecker-in-chief, you shouldn’t lose sight of the power-hungry features like the Location Services and Background App Refresh as they could also be equally responsible for the rapid battery drain on your iPhone.

Why does my iPhone keep restarting?

Though the outdated version of the software and cluttered storage are almost always the prime suspects, the worn-out battery could also be very much in the reckoning. Hence, taking care of these major culprits will help you fix the random restarting of your iPhone.

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  1. Thank for the write-up!
    Following the instructions I get to the ‘delete’ screen, but the button deletes both the thumbnail picture and the poster. I can’t find a way to delete the poster without also deleting the thumbnail.
    There’s a similar roadblock when I add a new contact manually. When I try to add a picture the first screen asks me to choose a Poster, and there’s no ‘Skip’ option.

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