How to Customize Quick Actions in macOS 13 Ventura on Mac

As the name itself suggests, Quick Actions is designed to let you perform common actions faster. For instance, you can get the most out of this feature to remove background from images, convert images into different formats, turn photos into PDF, and more. Considering how productivity-defining Quick Actions is, you should fine-tune it in line with your workflow. With that said, let me show you how to customize quick actions in macOS 13 Ventura on Mac. 

Customize Quick Actions on Mac in macOS 13 Ventura or Later

Wondering what sort of customization Quick Actions offers? Well, you can choose to add the items that you need and remove the ones that are unnecessary. What’s more, you can also rearrange the order in which the quick action items appear in the menu. 

Step 1. On your Mac, open the System Settings app. Alternatively, click on the Apple menu at the top left corner of the screen and choose System Settings.

Open System Settings on Mac

Step 2. Now, click on Privacy & Security

Step 3. Next, scroll down to the bottom and click on Extensions located under the Others sections.

Click on Extensions


  • The easiest way to access the Quick Actions setting is to right/control+click on an item on the desktop -> Quick Actions -> Customize. 
Edit Quick Actions menu on Mac

Step 4. Click on Finder (Quick Actions, Preview).

Click on Finder

Step 5. Here, you should see a long list of actions that you can access through Quick Actions. 

  • Add any item to Quick Actions: Simply check the box to the left of an action that you want to appear in the Quick Actions menu. 
  • Remove an item from Quick Actions: Uncheck the box to the left of an action that you want to remove from the Quick Actions menu. 
  • Rearrange items in the Quick Actions: Just drag an action and drop it at the desired spot in the menu. 
Customize Quick Actions menu on Mac

Step 6. Once you have perfectly customized the Quick Actions, make sure to click on Done at the bottom of the menu to confirm the changes and you are good to go!

Frequently Asked Questions

Q 1. When did Apple introduce quick actions on Mac?

Apple introduced “Quick Actions” in macOS Mojave. As the name itself implies, it enables users to perform common tasks like converting image format and removing background from photos.

Q 2. How do you edit Quick Actions in macOS Ventura?

With macOS Ventura or later, Quick Actions has gone inside the Privacy & Security section. Depending on your needs, you can choose to add or remove actions to ensure the menu remains in line with your preference.

Signing off…

So, that’s how you can fine-tune the Quick Actions on your macOS device. I guess you have got a good understanding of how customization works. If you still have any related questions, make sure to let us know via the comments below. 

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  1. If I try to use the quick actions to eg convert image, I keep getting this message: There was a problem running this action. I have spent hours on the phone with Apple Support and they can’t help either.

    1. Hi! Try updating the software as a hidden bug could very well be behind the whole chaos.

  2. I want to convert documents in Word for Mac to pdf, but Quick Actions won’t do it for me. So I go the long way round, saving it as “save as”. Any ideas on how to fix this? Everything I have seen on the web is either complicated or just gives a flat “can’t be done”. Thanks.

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