How to Convert a Live Photo into a Static Sticker in iOS 17 on iPhone

As someone who loves to use a variety of stickers, “Live Stickers” has managed to win me over right from the word go. If you have given this new add-on a try, chances are your story could be pretty much the same as mine. And why not, turning your favorite Live Photos into Live Stickers and sharing them with your loved ones is absolutely fun. But do you know that you can also convert a Live Photo into a static sticker on your iPhone? If you find it fascinating, let me show you how it’s done the quick way. 

Turn a Live Photo into a Sticker in iOS 17

As of writing this article, “Live Stickers” do not work with third-party apps. Since it’s an all-new feature, a complete roll-out will take some time. Talking about the standard stickers, you get multiple effects to choose from such as Outline, Puffy, Comic, and Shiny.

  • To get started, open the Photos app on your iPhone. 
  • After that, tap on the Albums tab at the bottom of the screen. 
Choose Live Photos
  • Then, navigate to the Media Types section and tap on Live Photos
  • Next, select the image you would like to turn into a sticker. 
  • Next up, long-press on the image.
  • Up next, tap on Add Sticker in the popup window. (Note that this action will convert your image into a Live Sticker. Since this guide is about a normal sticker, move to the next step.)
  • Now, tap on Add Effect in the popup.
tap on Add Effect
  • Then after, choose the desired sticker effect like puffy, shiny, and more.
  • Once you have selected the preferred sticker effect, tap on Done and you are good to go!
Tap on DONE

Your sticker will now be added to your sticker pack which you can access from any app that supports the emoji keyboard. To use your sticker inside Apple Messages app, open a chat -> tap on the “+” button -> Stickers -> chose a sticker and send it.

Frequently Asked Questions

Why don’t Live Stickers work with third-party apps?

The main reason why the Live Stickers don’t work with third-party apps is incompatibility. Try updating the app to the latest version. If the issue still persists, the app is yet to support this new feature.

Why is my iPhone keeps rebooting?

There could be several reasons why your iPhone is rebooting time and time again. Some of the biggest ones are – cluttered storage, worn-out battery, and outdated software. Therefore, addressing these issues could help you stop your iPhone from getting into the rebooting loop repeatedly.

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