How to Change iPhone Clock Style in StandBy Mode in iOS 17

As a Lock Screen mode, StandBy Mode never fails to impress. Showcasing favorite widgets, giving a more elegant look to Live Activities, and allowing Siri to work in all its glory, the smart display is designed to let you keep track of glanceable information when your iPhone is docked and charging in the landscape orientation. For a more personalized experience, you can change iPhone clock style in StandBy mode in iOS 17 so that it always stays in line with your taste. If you are ready to unlock this cool tip, let’s head over the jump to get started!

Customize iPhone Clock Style in StandBy Mode in iOS 17

For years, iOS has been criticized for lacking firepower in the customization game. However, things have dramatically changed and so is the landscape in the last couple of years as Apple seems to have taken the criticism head-on. The arrival of Home Screen and Lock Screen widgets, AOD (Always-On Display), fun-loving Contact Poster, and the brand-new StandBy mode has amped up customization like never before.

  • To get going, plug your iPhone into an upright charger. Make sure that your iPhone is placed in the landscape orientation and locked.
  • After that, tap on the screen to invoke the StandBy mode.
  • Then, press and hold onto the clock face.
  • Next, be sure to authenticate using Face ID/Touch ID or passcode.
  • Next up, tap on the tiny circular white button at the bottom right corner of the clock.
tap on the tiny circular white button at the bottom right corner of the clock
  • Up next, select the desired color swatch from the available options. Since there are lots of color swatches, you can easily find the one that can give a unique look to your clock.
  • Once you selected the preferred color, tap on the X button.
selected the preferred
  • Finally, tap on the Done button at the upper right corner of the screen to confirm the customization of your iPhone Lock Screen clock style.
tap on the Done button at the upper right corner of the screen

That’s all there is to it! Your all-new clock style will kick in straight away, making the smart display more pleasing to the eyes. As there is no limitation at all, you can tweak the appearance of the clock as many times as you want.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Does iPhone StandBy mode harm the battery health?

The iPhone StandBy mode is designed to be exceptionally efficient, therefore, you shouldn’t worry about the drastic degradation of your battery health. However, if you wish to keep the battery health intact, disable this Lock Screen mode (Settings app -> StandBy).

2. Can iOS 17 run smoothly on my older iPhone models?

Having tested iOS 17 on the iPhone XR, I can vouch for the smooth functioning that iOS 17 delivers. So, yeah, the latest iteration of iOS is stable enough to run with the desired smoothness on your iPhone.

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