Automatically Dim Flashing Lights in Video Content on iPhone and iPad

iOS 16.4 has come up with some noteworthy features including the ability to activate the iPhone lock screen with a Siri shortcut and enable the voice isolation mode for cellular phone calls. Guess what, there is an equally important feature that has graced the latest iteration of iOS. Thanks to this new add-on, you can now automatically dim video on your iPhone or iPad when flashes of light are detected. Follow doing to learn how to automatically dim flashing lights in video content in iOS 16.4/iPadOS 16.4 or later.

Automatically Dim Video on iPhone and iPad When Flashes of Light are Detected 

Before moving ahead, let’s break down this latest feature and its significance! 

Why do you need to lower the brightness of the video when flashes of light are detected?

Introduced as part of the Accessibility suite, the “Dim Flashing Lights” is specifically designed for people who have photo-sensitive epilepsy.

For those uninitiated, seizures in photosensitive people tend to get triggered by contrasting light and dark patterns, flashing lights/stroboscopic effects, and rapidly alternating patterns of different colors. Moreover, these effects have also been found to produce harmful sensations.

Even though photosensitivity epilepsy is not common, it might be diagnosed when you have an EEG (stands for electroencephalogram) test which is basically a recording of brain activity. Using the tiny sensors attached to the scalp, the EEG test retrieves the electrical signals produced by the brain. 

Developed keeping in mind user safety, this Accessibility feature automatically reduces the brightness of video content that depicts triggering light effects in order to safeguard the vision.

Automatically Dim Flashing Lights in Video Content on iOS and iPadOS

  • On your iPhone or iPad, head over to the Settings app
  • Scroll down a bit and choose Accessibility.
Choose Accessibility in iOS Settings
  • Under the Vision section, choose Motion.
  • Finally, turn on the toggle for Dim Flashing Lights
Automatically Dim Flashing Lights in Video Content on iPhone and iPad

That’s pretty much it! From now on, this vision feature will lower the brightness of the video content which includes repeated flashing or strobing lights. To revert this behavior, return to this very Accessibility section and then turn off the toggle.

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