How to Add Medication or Vitamin to Health App in iOS 16 on iPhone

Do you often forget to take your medication and also fail to consume the right doses on time? If yes, the Apple Health app’s all-new feature called “Medications” is for you. What makes it so helpful is the ability to let you add vitamins and prescription medications and get timely reminders to take them. Here is how you can add medication or vitamin to Health app in iOS 16 on iPhone. That said, let’s learn how medication tracking works on iPhone!

Add Medication or Vitamin to Health App on iPhone in iOS 16

There is a new section in the Health app called “Medications” where you can input your prescription medications, customize the icon, and even adjust the frequency depending on your needs.

Step 1. First off, launch the Health app on your ‌iPhone‌ running iOS 16 or later.

Step 2. Now, tap on the Browse section and then choose Medications.

Alternatively, you can type “Medications” into the Health app search bar and choose it from the results. 

Step 3. Next, tap on Add a Medication

tap on Add a Medication

Step 4. Next up, you need to enter the name of the medicine or vitamin and hit Next. 

Step 5. Up next, choose the medication type such as cream, capsule, liquid, etc. from the list. After that, tap on Next to proceed. 

choose the medication type

Step 6. Then, you have the option to add medication strength and also select a unit from the list. Then, tap on Next. If you don’t want to do it, tap on Skip. 

Step 7. Use the frequency and interval options to input how often you will take the medicine. Choose a preferred Time of Day and then hit Next.

Step 8. Now, select the desired shape aka icon of your medication. Then, tap on Next.

Step 9. Select desired colors to indicate the medication and hit Next. Finally, review all the details, add an important note on the last screen and tap Done to finish.

Once you have entered your medication or vitamin in the Health app, your ‌‌iPhone‌‌ will send you a reminder to take it at the selected time. Later, if you ever want to add another medication, head over to the Medication section and tap on Add Medication.

Use Medication Tracking in iOS 16 Like a Pro

There you go! So that’s the way you can keep track of your medications using the Health app with ease. Have you found this guide handy? Make sure to share your feedback with us.

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