How to Activate Night Mode on Apple Watch Ultra 

One of the coolest features that have graced the Apple Watch Ultra is the “Night Mode”. What makes it so handy is the ability to enhance your viewing experience. So, if you are yet to unravel this feature, let me show you how to activate Night Mode on Apple Watch. 

Enable and Use Night Mode on Apple Watch Ultra: Quick Guide

To get going, let’s first find out more about the Night Mode and why it’s being touted to be a great addition to the Apple Watch.

What is Night Mode on Apple Watch Ultra and How Does It Work? 

As stated above, Night Mode is designed to improve your viewing in dark or low-lit environments. When enabled, it puts a red filter on the display to provide a more soothing viewing experience in the dark. 

By turning the interface red and removing the harmful retina-altering blue light, it eases the strain on your eyes in dark environments. As a result, you feel comfortable viewing the screen. 

It’s worth pointing out that on other Apple Watch models when you look at the watch or accidentally tilt the wrist in the dark, it tends to affect your night vision. Thanks to the ability to safeguard night vision, the Night Mode can be a great asset for astronomers and explorers. 

Is There Any Limitation to the Night Mode? 

Do note that Night Mode is exclusive to Apple Watch Ultra. Moreover, it supports only the Wayfinder watch face. 

How to Enable Night Mode on Apple Watch Ultra 

Step 1. To get started, swipe to the new Wayfinder watch face on your Apple Watch Ultra.

Step 2. Now, turn the Digital Crown to enable ‌Night Mode‌. 

Enable and use night mode on Apple Watch Ultra
Image credit: Apple

How to Disable Night Mode on Apple Watch Ultra

Later, if you ever wish to turn off the Night Mode on your Apple Watch Ultra, simply rotate the Digital Crown in the opposite direction. Yeah, that’s exactly what you need to do to disable this feature. 

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Is Apple Watch Ultra worth it?

Whether you are an endurance athlete, outdoor adventurer, or ocean explorer, Apple Watch Ultra is for you. Considering the top-notch build quality and a host of health-centric features, the Ultra is well worth the price you may pay for it.

2. Is Apple Watch Ultra unisex?

Though Apple brands the Apple Watch Ultra as a unisex smartwatch, the wearable device is more geared toward men thanks to its muscular profile.

Signing off…

There you go! So, that’s how you can enable and use Night Mode on your Apple Watch Ultra. From what I can tell, it’s going to win a ton of love from users. What’s your take on this notable addition? 

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