Fix Safari Bookmarks Not Syncing With Microsoft Edge on Windows PC

Thanks to the built-in method facilitated through the iCloud app, syncing Safari bookmarks with Microsoft Edge on Windows is as seamless as it can ever be. However, there could be times when the syncing may ill-function, thereby leaving your bookmarks crippled. Having run into this very issue, I have shared a few helpful tips to fix the Safari bookmarks not syncing with Microsoft Edge on Windows PC. Read on…

5 Ways to Fix Safari Bookmarks Not Syncing With Microsoft Edge on Windows PC

Why do Apple Safari’s bookmarks refuse to sync with Edge? At the heart of this problem is generally a wrong configuration or the failure to check off the key requirements. That aside, a random software glitch could also be very much in the play for the malfunctioning syncing of the bookmarks between the two browsers

1. Ensure That You Have Perfectly Set Up the Safari Bookmarks Syncing with Your Windows PC

To begin with, I would first recommend you ensure that you have ideally set up the bookmarks syncing between Safari and Edge. To do so, check out this detailed guide to not just enable the bookmarks syncing but also install the iCloud Passwords extension for the Edge browser for enhanced experience.

Sync Safari bookmarks with microsoft edge on Windows PC

2. Disable/Enable Safari Bookmarks Syncing on Your PC

On some occasions, you can bring the bookmarks syncing between the two leading browsers by just turning off/on the syncing feature via the iCloud app.

  • Go to the iCloud app on your PC -> Hit the arrow next to Bookmarks -> Turn off the switch next to Sync Safari bookmarks -> Click on the Done button.
  • Now, restart your computer -> Hit the Start menu -> Power icon -> Restart.
  • After that, re-enable the Safari bookmarks syncing in the iCloud app.

3. Make Sure You Have Enabled iCloud for Safari on Your Mac or iPhone/iPad

If iCloud is disabled for Safari on your iDevice like iPhone/iPad or Mac, it might be stopping the Safari bookmarks from syncing with the Microsoft Edge browser.

  • On your Mac: Head into the System Settings app -> Apple ID banner -> iCloud -> Show More Apps -> Make sure that the switch for Safari is turned on.
  • On your iPhone/iPad: Navigate to the Settings app -> Apple ID banner -> iCloud -> Show All -> Be sure that the switch next to Safari is enabled.

4. Update the iCloud App on Your PC

There could be a problem with the iCloud app as well, which you can fix by updating it.

  • On your Windows device, launch the Microsoft Store app -> Library tab in the left sidebar -> find the iCloud app and update it just like any other Windows app.

5. Update Your PC

If your PC hasn’t been updated for ages, there is a high chance that a software bug might be affecting the iCloud bookmarks.

  • Hit the Start menu on your computer -> Settings -> Windows Update -> download and install the latest version of Windows on your device.
update software on Windows computer

There you have it! I guess your bookmarks have started to sync with your Edge browser on PC. It would be awesome to have your feedback in the comments below.

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