Fix iCloud Drive Files Not Syncing with File Explorer on Windows PC 

Thanks to an official way facilitated through the iCloud app, syncing iCloud Drive files with File Explorer on Windows is by and large a painless affair. Hence, you can fetch all of your important files on Windows and store them at the desired location. But what if your iCloud Drive files stop syncing with your PC? No worries! I have found some workable tips to fix this frustrating problem. Read on…

iCloud Drive Files Not Syncing with File Explorer on Windows PC 

Talking about the reasons that could be coming in the way of iCloud Drive files syncing, it might be due to multiple factors such as a software glitch and an outdated version of the software. Additionally, an unintentional blockade might also be in the reckoning.

1. Disable/Enable the iCloud Drive Files Syncing 

On most occasions, I have succeeded in fixing the malfunctioning iCloud Drive file syncing issues by just resetting the setting. 

  • On your PC, launch the iCloud app -> hit the arrow next to iCloud Drive -> Turn off the toggle next to iCloud Drive. 
  • After that, reboot your Windows PC -> Once the computer has rebooted, go back to the same iCloud setting and then turn the iCloud Drive setting back on. 
  • Note that you can change the location where the iCloud Drive files are stored as well.
  • Now, wait for some time and then check if your iCloud Drive files have synced. 
How to change iCloud Drive files location on Windows

2. Ensure That iCloud Drive Files are Allowed to Sync with Other Devices

Slightly buried in the iCloud setting exists an option to allow the iCloud Drives files to sync with other devices. So, ensure that you have not blocked the syncing of your iCloud Drive files. 

  • On your Mac, go to the System Settings app -> Apple ID banner -> iCloud -> iCloud Drive. 
  • Now, ensure that the iCloud Drive is enabled. Besides, also make sure that the toggle for “Desktop & Documents Folder” is also turned on. 
Sync iCloud Drive files with other devices on Mac
  • To ensure all the important files are syncing with your PC, make sure you have given the green signal to the apps that store documents in iCloud Drive. 
  • Click on the Apps Syncing to iCloud Drive and make sure that the toggles for each essential app are turned on. 
  • On your iPhone or iPad: Head over to the Settings app -> Apple ID banner -> iCloud -> iCloud Drive. 
  • Now, turn on the switch for “Sync this iPhone/iPad“. Additionally, tap on “Apps syncing to iCloud Drive” and then make sure that the important apps are allowed to store their data in iCloud Drive. 

3. Other Solutions That You Should Try to Fix the iCloud Drive Files Not Syncing Issue

If the iCloud Drive files are still refusing to sync with your Windows device, update all of your devices as there is a decent chance that a software bug might be obstructing the syncing.

  • Update the iCloud App: Open the Microsoft Store on your Windows PC -> Find the iCloud app and update it.
  • Update Your PC: Dive into the Start menu -> Settings -> Windows Update -> Download and install the latest version of Windows.
update software on Windows computer
  • Update Your iPhone/iPad: Dive into the Settings app -> General -> Software Update.
  • Update your Mac: Launch the System Settings app -> General -> Software Update.

That wraps up this troubleshooting guide. I hope the seamless iCloud Drive files syncing is back on track. Please make sure to let me know the tip that has rescued you. And if there is any other solution that has enabled you to resolve the issue, be sure to share it via the comments section below.

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