Tips to Fix iOS 18 Game Mode Not Working On iPhone

To amp up the gaming experience on iPhone, Apple has introduced the “Game Mode” in iOS 18. By taking control of the background activities, the game mode maintains a consistent frame rate that plays a vital role in offering smooth sailing and lag-free gameplay. Probably the most intriguing aspect of this new add-on is the way it gets into action as and when there is a need to turbocharge gaming on your iOS device. Sadly, the Game Mode is not working as expected for a handful of iPhone users. If it’s also misbehaving on your iOS device, now is the right time to fix it for good so that your gaming no longer loses steam.

Fix iOS 18 Game Mode Not Working On iPhone

To begin with, let’s point out some of the key aspects so that we can have complete clarity about what we are dealing with.

What could be preventing the Game Mode from Functioning Properly on Your iPhone?

Though the iOS 18 Game Mode works and behaves in a pretty simple way, there are some caveats that you need to be mindful of. Otherwise, it would always seem to be malfunctioning for you – even though it would be the other way around. Beyond the little puzzle, software glitches, and game compatibility might also be in the play.

Ensure That You Are Playing a High-Octane Game

Bear in mind that the Game Mode is specifically designed to bolster the gaming experience when playing high-octane games like “Asphalt: Legends”, “COD”, “PUBG”, and more. So, don’t expect this mode to trigger when playing a light-hearted or casual game like “Candy Crush” or “Super Mario Run”.

Game Mode Gets Activated On Its Own

It’s worth reiterating that there is no dedicated “Game Mode” setting on iPhone. Hence, you can’t dive into the setting and fine-tune it in keeping with your requirements. If you don’t understand this simple riddle, there is a decent chance you might already be scratching your head as to why the game mode doesn’t come into action.

Have You Turned OFF the Game Mode? If Yes, Turn It ON from the Control Center

Note that when you disable the “Game Mode” on your iPhone, the “Game Center” remembers your preference. Hence, it doesn’t activate the game mode automatically even when there is a need to optimize the gameplay by throttling the background activity. However, you do get an alert saying “Game Mode” OFF informing you that it’s disabled on your device.

  • If you feel the need to trigger the Game Mode on your device, swipe down from the top-right corner of the screen -> tap on the Game Mode notifier at the top.
Game Mode active in iOS 18
  • Hit the Game Mode icon to bring it on.
Enable and use iOS 18 Game Mode on iPhone

Does Your iPhone Have Over 50/60% Battery? If Yes, “Game Mode” Doesn’t Need to Be Activated

While trying to test the Game Mode on my iPhone, I noticed consistently that the Game Mode doesn’t trigger when the device has plenty of juice in the tank. However, whenever the battery percentage dropped below 50/40%, it would invoke to enhance the gameplay. So, keep this pivotal thing in mind while rocking a game to ensure you aren’t left wondering why the Game Mode doesn’t come up.

Does Your Game Support the Game Mode?

Since the Game Mode is still in the nascent, a number of games may not be fully onboard with this feature. Therefore, do keep the compatibility in mind and be sure to check if the game supports the brand-new Game Mode on your iPhone.

Hard Reset Your iPhone

If the Game Mode is being blocked by a minor software glitch, a hard reset could be well-timed to bring this feature back on track.

  • Press and let go of the volume up button -> Press and release the volume down button -> Now, hold down the power button until you see the Apple logo on the screen.

Update Software

Should the iOS 18 Game Mode still play hide and seek on your iOS device, I won’t hesitate to put the blame on a software bug. Hopefully, Apple may have already nabbed this frustrating bug and offered a fix.

  • Go to the Settings app on your iPhone -> General -> Software Update -> Download and install the update.
Choose software update

Wrapping up…

There you have it! I guess your Game Mode has already come back to form and so has your action-packed gameplay. Before you get completely engrossed in the gameplay, feel free to share your invaluable feedback and the tips that have rescued you.

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