Apple Vision Pro Not Responding? Here’s the Quick Fix!

From what I can tell based on the robust specs and rave reviews, Apple Vision Pro is here to stay. Equipped with futuristic features, the all-new mixed-reality headset has brought spatial computing to life. That doesn’t mean the headset is flawless or for that matter, immune to issues. Recently, a handful of users have complained that the Apple Vision Pro is not responding. If you have also found your AR/VR headset misbehaving, this guide is for you. 

Tips to Fix the Apple Vision Pro Not Responding

As to why your Vision Pro is not responding, it could be due to a couple of main things including the low battery and the miscellaneous software glitches. In this guide, we are going to take both these aspects into account.

1. Ensure That Your Vision Pro is Not Running Low Power

First off, it would be better to ensure that the Vision Pro has enough juice in the tank. 

  • To do so, connect the Apple Vision Pro battery to a power source using the supported USB-C Charge Cable as well as the Apple 30W USB-C power adapter. Note that the light next to the USB-C port on the battery shows the charge status.
  • While the amber light means the battery needs to be charged, the green light indicates that the battery is fully charged. 
  • Bear in mind that if the battery doesn’t have enough power, the light may flash amber, thereby letting you know that it needs to be charged.
  • To check the battery level of your Apple Vision Pro, look up and then hit the tiny down button to access the Control Center.
tap on the Downward arrow
Image credit: Apple
  • Now, you should see the battery level in the top-right corner. 
Check Apple Vision Pro battery level
Image credit: Apple

2. Force Restart Your Apple Vision Pro

Force restart aka hard reset is what you should first try when dealing with an unresponsiveness problem on your headset. Notably, it has a reputation for fixing miscellaneous issues. 

  • To get going, you need to press and hold the top button and the Digital Crown at once until the display becomes dark. Do not release the buttons even when the power slider and the force quit apps appear on the screen. 
  • Just in case the Apple logo doesn’t show up on the display, you will have to press and hold the top button for a few seconds until you see the Apple logo on the display. 

3. Disconnect the Battery and Reconnect it 

Another reliable solution you should give a chance is to disconnect the battery and reconnect it to the Vision Pro. 

  • Make sure to first save all the open documents as disconnecting the battery will shut down your headset.
  • After that, turn the power cable counterclockwise until it has detached.
  • Next, insert the power cable into the power connector on the left Audio Strap. Be sure that the cord is angled slightly upward. 
  • Also, make sure that the dot on the power cable is perfectly lined up with the white outlined dot on the Audio Strap. 
  • Then, rotate the power cable clockwise until it is securely locked in.
  • Once the power cable has been successfully connected, your headset will turn on.
Connect the battery to your Apple Vision Pro
Image credit: Apple

4. Turn OFF Your Apple Vision Pro by Detaching the Power Cable

If the Apple Vision Pro is still not responding, I would recommend you go for this radical solution – detach the power cable. 

  • So, detach the power cable of your Vision Pro to turn it off. After that, wait for a few seconds and then press and hold the top button until you see the Apple logo on the screen.

5. Contact Apple Support 

No luck as yet? Don’t worry! Should your Apple Vision Pro continue to be unresponsive, it would be apt to contact Apple Support at the earliest. I suspect there might be some sort of hardware failure. In this situation, contacting Apple Support would be a wise move. 

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