4 Exciting Android 15 AI Features I’d Love to See in iOS 18

At I/O 24, Google has announced a plethora of AI-powered features that are set to arrive in the brand-new Android 15. Since Apple is also geared up to announce iOS 18 at the WWDC 2024, I can’t wait to take these operating systems for a long test drive. On this very note, these are the 4 exciting Android 15 AI features that I would love to get in iOS 18. Keep reading…

Android 15: 4 Exciting AI Features for Android Devices

While Microsoft and Google have already taken the lead on the AI front, Apple has decided to take an altogether different route. The iPhone maker has chosen to empower iOS 18 AI features with OpenAI’s ChatGPT. It would be interesting to see whether or not iOS 18’s much-talked-about AI features manage to compete with those of Android 15. 

1. AI-Powered Search

Google has supercharged “Search” with AI in Android 15. The incorporation of AI has made “Search” way more functional, smarter, and practical. 

Google has announced the “Circle to Search” feature is going to be expanded to more Android devices. As per the tech giant, the feature is currently available on more than 100 million devices. Having received rave reviews about this more intuitive search method, the company plans to unleash it on more Android devices. 

2. On-Device AI

For folks who are concerned that the use of AI might compromise the security and privacy of their personal information, Google has introduced the On-Device AI. With more advanced on-device AI capabilities, the entire processing is done locally on your device. The on-device processing not only speeds up the whole process but also enhances the security of your sensitive information stored on the device. 

3. Real-Time Scam Protection

In an age where scam calls have become the order of the day, it has become paramount to have the needed tools to fight out scams. For this very reason, Google has added “Real-time scam protection”. What makes this new add-on so handy is the ability to smartly detect a scam call and warn you immediately. 

For example, if you get a call asking you to share your bank details to cash in on a limited lucrative (too good to be true) offer, Android 15’s scam detector will get into action, identify the call within no time, and show an instant alert like the one shown below. Pretty life-saving, isn’t it? 

Real time scam protection in Android 15

4. Gemini – The New-Age AI Assistant

In the latest iteration of Android, “Gemini” has taken on the mantle to be the new-age AI assistant. While there is a lot to like about this AI assistant, what has personally caught my eyeballs is its context-aware skill. That means, Gemini can thoroughly understand the context you are in and offer up the most relevant tips. 

For instance, if you are streaming a YouTube video about a particular topic, Gemini will be readily available to answer questions about that topic. This context-awareness will make your conversation more personal and also help you get the desired answers without beating around the bush. 

Better still, the upcoming “Gemini Nano” variant is touted to deliver minimized latency for a much faster response. Moreover, it’s also going to work offline, starting with the compatible Pixel devices later this year.

Well, that wraps up this article. I wish Apple would take a cue from Android 15 and offer similar features in the upcoming iOS 18. That said, what do you have to say about the latest iteration of Android? 

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