6 Best Ways to Fix macOS Sonoma Software Update Stuck on Mac

Charmed by a ton of exciting features, you rushed to download macOS Sonoma on your Mac, hoping that you will be able to breeze through the software update within no time and kickstart your Sonoma run on a scintillating note. Unfortunately, it turned out to be completely opposite, leaving you mid-way through the frozen update. If my guesswork is on the money, you’ve arrived at the right guide to get rid of the issue. Follow along to try out these best tips & tricks to fix macOS Sonoma software update stuck on your Mac.

Fix macOS 14 Sonoma Software Update Stuck on Mac

So, what’s ailing the macOS Sonoma update?

Why Has Sonoma Software Update Got Stuck on My Mac? 

There are mainly three reasons why a software update tends to get stuck: 

  • Poor internet connection 
  • Jampacked traffic on the servers 
  • Clogged up storage 

Been there and done that, I know how to troubleshoot the stuck software update on Mac. In this quick guide, we are going to discuss solutions keeping in mind these major issues. After each tip, try to download the software to figure out if you have gotten the better of the problem.

1. Turn Off/ON WiFi

To begin with, ensure that you have a strong and stable internet connection. If your WiFi network is below par, turn off/on Wi-Fi.

  • To do so, click on the Wi-Fi menu at the top right corner of the screen > turn off/on the toggle next to Wi-Fi.
  • Note, head over to the System Settings app -> General > Software Update section to check if the Software Update has kickstarted.
  • Now, have patience and allow the macOS Sonoma to download with complete peace of mind.

2. Connect Your Mac to a Power Source

Considering the fact that software update is a demanding process during which your Mac restarts multiple times to install the update, it’s better to keep the device connected to a power source.

3. Disable Low Power Mode

If you have enabled the Low Power Mode on your Mac, turn it off as this power-saving mode might be throttling the software update process.

  • Head into the System Settings app on your Mac -> Battery -> click on the drop-down menu next to Low Power Mode and choose Never.
Disable Low Power Mode on Mac

4. Forget Wi-Fi and Reconnect To It

Should the Wi-Fi connection continue to struggle on your Mac, forget the Wi-Fi network and reconnect to it.

  • To get it done, launch the System Settings app > Wi-Fi > clock on the triple-dot icon next to the WiFi network -> hit Forget This Network, and confirm.
Forget Wi Fi network on Mac

5. Restart Your Mac

If you haven’t yet been able to fix the macOS Sonoma software update issue, restart your Mac. Many a time, it’s all you need to do to fix the sluggish or interrupted software update.

  • To reboot your macOS device, hit the Apple menu at the upper-left corner of the screen -> Restart.
  • After your Mac has rebooted, go back to the Software Update section and start downloading the software.
Restart your Mac

6. Declutter Your Mac

If the luck has not yet smiled on your Mac, it’s time to declutter the storage. If it’s been ages since you took your Mac for a clean-up drive, the clogged-up storage could very well be the party spoiler. But fret not, nabbing the apps that have cluttered the storage on your Mac is not a big deal. 

  • Navigate to the System Settings app on your Mac -> General -> Storage.
  • At the top of the screen, you should see the total amount of available and used storage. Additionally, macOS also lists out apps based on the amount of space each one has consumed.
  • Take a look at all the apps that have eaten up the most amount of space -> click on the info icon next to a specific app -> select the useless data and delete them all in one stroke.
  • Besides, delete all the useless files, screenshots, images, videos, and apps to retrieve precious storage on your Mac.
Declutter your Mac

Wrapping up…

That’s it! I hope you have successfully installed macOS Sonoma by overcoming the hurdle. Make sure to share your feedback and the solution that has put an end to the software update issue.

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