7 Best Screen Protectors for Samsung Galaxy Z Flip 5 You Can Buy in 2024

A gorgeous smartphone like the brand-new Samsung Galaxy Z Flip 5 deserves every bit of protection from accidental damage. While there is no doubt that the flip can flex elegantly and comfortably sit in your palm, you can’t take nasty drops for granted. No way! Especially when you are up against a delicate foldable smartphone that can break and get scratched – out of nowhere. For this very reason, we’ve rounded up the 7 best screen protectors for Samsung Galaxy Z Flip 5 you can buy. 

Best Samsung Galaxy Z Flip 5 Screen Guards

Modern screen guards have gotten not just better equipped to ward off bumps but also more capable to thwart sweat and oil. Oh yes, there is also a new set of screen defenders that are designed to offer the needed protection from intrusive eyes. As to which one should you pick, it all boils down to your personal choice.

1. Supershieldz Rounded Screen Guard

What better way to kickstart this accessory lineup than talk about Supershieldz which is a popular accessory maker? As someone who has used a number of Supershieldz screen guards, I can vouch for the quality that they offer. Made from top-quality tempered glass material, the screen guard offers the maximum shield from scratches. The 2.5D rounded edges provide not only full protection but also offer the needed convenience to your fingers. While the 9H hardness endows the uncompromised scratch resistance, the 99.99% HD clarity lets you get the most out of the display. 


2. IMBZBK Privacy Screen Protector

For folks who are privacy conscious, this offering from IMBZBK can be the right choice. The screen guard is made out of high-grade tempered glass and TPU material. Hence, it’s got the much-needed strength to endure impact and keep the expensive display protected. Plus, it’s also got the true touch sensitivity to let you get the most out of the multitasking gestures. Nevertheless, the highlight of this screen guard is the ability to block side-angle viewing to ensure your personal information remains protected. 


3. Milmodoi Privacy Shield

As a privacy screen protector for Galaxy Z Flip 5, Milmodoi has managed to impress me. The screen defender is made of top-quality tempered glass and TPU material which endow the required durability to resist impact and also fight out scuffs. Even in terms of clarity, it’s up to the task, thereby offering the maximum transparency to let you make the most of the display. Its capability to block the side angle viewing comes in handy when you are in public places or when you wish to safeguard your sensitive information from prying eyes. 


4. LK Scratch Resistant Screen Defender

LK has come up with a case-friendly screen guard so that you can use any type of case – from rugged to sleek ones – without having to bother about any issues. Carved out of the soft TPU material, the screen defender excels in offering HD clarity. Hence, you will enjoy watching videos or getting the most out of your games. Moreover, the screen guard is also equally good in terms of absorbing shock and preventing sweat and fingerprints at bay. Taking everything into account, it deserves to be rated as one of the best screen guards for Galaxy Z Flip 5 in the market right now.


5. Orzero Ultra-Slim HD Clear Screen Protector

There is a lot to like about this screen guard from Orzero. At just 0.15mm thickness, it’s one of the thinnest screen guards for the Galaxy Z Flip 5. With the neat cutouts, it perfectly fits on the screen ensuring there is no interference with the selfie camera or sensors. Laser-cut dimensions aside, the screen protector is exceptionally smooth thanks to the high-quality TPU material. Apart from fighting out scuffs with ease, it can also deliver the needed sensitivity so that you can use multitasking gestures without any sluggishness. Plus, it’s also got an extra layer of protection from sweat and fingerprints. 


6. Fotbor Impact-Resistant Screen Defender

If you are looking for complete protection from scratches, I would recommend you check out this offering from Fotbor. It comes with not only a screen guard but also camera lens protectors. Hence, you will be able to safeguard both the screen and the rear camera module from ugly scratches. The screen defender provides top-notch clarity while also ensuring villains like dust and sweat stay away. Thus, you can rest assured that both clarity and touch responsiveness will remain intact for a long time.

Fotbor 1

7. TQLGY Screen Protector and Camera Lens Defender

Though the TQLGY may not be as big a player as some of the other screen protectors mentioned in this lineup, it’s got the features to be a trusted shield for your flip. The hybrid construction of the tempered glass and TPU means it’s got both strength and smoothness to deliver the goods. Therefore, you can expect it to offer better scratch resistance and also uncompromised clarity. 


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Which is your top pick?

There you go! I hope your Flip has finally found the right screen defender. Be sure to let us know your top choice and if there is a deserving Flip 5 screen guard missing from the lineup, make sure to let us know its name as well.

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