27 Best iOS 18 Hidden Features (Video): Time to Dig Deeper!

Boasting a ton of eye-catching features, iOS 18 has set the eyeballs rolling – leaving not just most iPhone loyalists charmed but also many Android fanboys in awe of customization. While the most talked about features have become the talk of the town, the slightly concealed ones haven’t received much spotlight. Whether you have missed out on the new add-ons that are a bit out of sight or have decided to dig into the software update to unravel the hidden gems, this extensive roundup of the best iOS 18 hidden features has got you fully covered!

Best iOS 18 Hidden Features You Must Know

Without undermining the huge emphasis on Artificial Intelligence aka Apple Intelligence, it’s the Home Screen customization that has won more hearts. Be it locking your sensitive apps, tweaking the apps’ size, or putting your favorite controls at your fingertips, iOS 18 has ramped up the customization game like never before. While many may argue that Android has had most of these tricks for ages, it’s the level of precision, efficiency, and control that has put the latest iteration of iOS at the forefront.

1. Instantly Bring Up the Power-Off Slider

If you hate to press the side button or find it a bit inconvenient to hold down the side button especially when using a heavy-duty case, this nifty add-on is for you.

  • In iOS 18, you can trigger the power-off mode right from the Control Center. Simply, swipe down from the top-right to bring up the Control Control and hit the tiny power button at the upper-right to access the power-off slider.
Bring up the power off slider in ioS 18

2. Multiple Ways to Switch Between Control Center Pages

There are a couple of quick ways through which you can switch between Control Center pages on your iPhone.

  • When you are in the Control Center, just swipe up to switch between pages.
  • Alternatively, you can tap on the tiny icons like “Cellular”, “Heart”, and “Music” placed on the right to cycle through your iPhone Control Center pages.
Multiple Ways to Switch Between Control Center Pages

3. Perfectly Customize the Control Center

Probably the best part about the redesigned control center is that it’s fully customizable. Hence, you can design it to your liking so that your favorite controls are always at your fingertips.

  • Swipe down from the top-right to access the Control Center -> tap on the “+” button at the top left -> Now, you can drag and drop the preferred controls at the right spot.
  • To remove a particular control, hit the “-” minus button.
  • To add a control, tap on the “+” button at the bottom and select a particular control. You can also make the most of the search bar to quickly find a control that you wish to add to the Control Center.

4. Adjust the Size of a Specific Control in the Control Center

Notably, there is also a neat way to fine-tune the size of a specific control.

  • To do so, access the Control Center -> hit the “+” button at the top left to enter the editing mode.
  • Then, drag the handle of a specific Control Center icon to adjust its size.

5. Change the App Icons’ Size

One of my favorite iOS 18 Home Screen customization features is the ability to change the app icon sizes.

  • Long-press on the Home Screen to enter the jiggle mode -> tap on the Edit button at the top-left -> Customize.
  • Now, select the Small or Large app icon size option in the menu that pops up from the bottom of the screen.

6. Customize the Color of App Icons

If you have a liking for vibrant app icons, chances are you would love to change/customize the appearance of app icons’ color.

  • Long-press on the Home Screen -> Edit button at the top left -> Customize -> Tinted.
  • Now, use the color sliders to adjust the color of the app icons and Home Screen widgets.
Customize the Color of App Icons

7. Place App Icons Anywhere on the Screen

Times when you want to customize your iPhone Home Screen to your heart’s liking, the more freedom you have, the better it is. In the latest iteration of iOS, you can design your Home Screen by placing app icons anywhere on the screen. Yeah, you read that right! You are no longer forced to put apps in perfect alignment as there is no such conservative rule anymore.

Customize iPhone Home Screen

8. Switch Between Dark, Light, Automatic, and Tinted Theme

Another pretty cool iPhone Home Screen customization feature that has graced iOS 18 is the option to switch between different themes such as Automatic, Dark, Light, and Tinted depending on your viewing preference.

  • Touch and hold the Home Screen to get into the editing mode -> Edit at the top left -> Customize.
  • Now, choose the desired theme in the menu at the bottom of the screen.

9. Lock Your Private Apps

No longer want anyone to bump into your private apps without your permission? No worries! You can now keep your apps locked with Face ID.

  • Long-press on the app that you would like to shield -> Require Face ID and confirm.
Lock iPhone apps

10. Hide Apps from Prying Eyes

Certain apps like dating and expense trackers deserve an extra layer of safeguard from unauthorized access. Thankfully, iOS 18 has offered a more effective way to hide apps on iPhone.

  • To conceal an app, long-press on the app icon -> Require Face ID -> Hide and Require Face ID.
Hide iPhone apps in iOS 18

11. Generate QR Codes for Saved Wi-Fi Passwords

The Apple Passwords app lets you generate QR codes for saved Wi-Fi passwords. As a result, you can share your passwords securely and more conveniently with others.

12. Quickly Access the Full List of Installed Apps

In iOS 18, Apple has added a dedicated section for “Apps” (Settings -> Apps at the bottom of the screen), thereby allowing you to search and manage apps with better control.

13. Show Forecasts for Separate Home and Work locations

The Weather app now displays forecasts for separate Home and Work locations. You can fine-tune the new Home and Work labels by going to the Settings app -> Apps -> Weather -> new “Locations” section. Notably, you can update your home and work locations by making changes to your Contacts card.

14. Schedule Your Messages

Apple Messages app has finally received a long-awaited feature that lets you schedule messages.

  • To schedule a message, go to the Messages app -> conversation thread -> type in the message -> hit the “+” button -> More -> Send later.
  • Then, fine-tune the date and time and hit the upward arrow aka the send button.
Schedule Messages on iPhone

15. Control Your iPhone Using Just Your Eyes

Though the “Eye Tracking” feature is primed for differently-abled people, anyone can get the most out of this new Accessibility feature to control their device with their eyes.

  • To get going, navigate to the Settings app on your iPhone -> Accessibility -> Eye Tracking and customize the setting to your liking.
Set up and use Eye tracking on iPhone

16. Use Eye Tracking With Dwell Control 

With “Dwell Control” enabled, maintaining your gaze still for a specified duration will enable you to perform the preferred dwell action. 

  • On your iPhone, go to the Settings app -> Accessibility -> Eye-Tracking -> Turn on the switch for “Dwell Control”. 
  • To ensure Dwell Control perfectly works in line with your needs, fire up the Settings app -> Accessibility -> Touch -> AssistiveTouch -> Dwell Control and fine-tune it in keeping with your needs. 

17. Vehicle Motion Cues

“Vehicle Motion Cues” can play an effective role in helping you fight motion sickness. When you turn it on, your iPhone shows dots near the edges of the screen – in accordance with the vehicle’s motion. Follow this detailed guide to set up and use Vehicle Motion Cues in iOS 18. 

18. Always Keep Vehicle Motion Cues Enabled on Your iPhone

If “Motion Sickness” has been an issue with you, iOS 18 also offers you the flexibility to keep this Accessibility feature always enabled.

  • Dive into the Control Center -> hit the Vehicle Motion Cues icon and choose On in the menu. 

19. Record & Transcribe Phone Calls

iOS 18 comes with a built-in call recorder to let you automatically record and transcribe phone calls via the stock “Phone” app. You can activate the call recording after placing or answering a phone call. When you start recording a call, all participants are alerted that the call is being recorded so that everyone is fully aware of the recording – right from the word go. 

20. Apple Intelligence Can Generate a Summary of Important Points Included in the Phone Call

Apple Intelligence can let you generate a quick summary of all the key points that were included in the phone call. Therefore, you can go back and check the important points at your own convenience. 

Bear in mind that the phone call transcription feature will be initially available in – 

  • English (U.S., UK, Australia, Canada, India, Ireland, New Zealand, Singapore)
  • Spanish (U.S., Mexico, Spain)
  • French (France)
  • German (Germany)
  • Japanese (Japan)
  • Mandarin Chinese (China mainland, Taiwan)
  • Cantonese (China mainland, Hong Kong)
  • Portuguese (Brazil)

21. A Search Interface for Call

The Phone app in iOS 18 features a “Search interface” for call history to let you quickly find specific calls without breaking any sweat. 

22. AutoFill in Phone App

The Phone app also features the “AutoFill” functionality to let you instantly autofill a number when you start typing in digits. 

23. Seamlessly Switch SIM Cards 

The other useful feature that has graced the Phone app is the ability to let users switch SIM cards. 

24. Audio and Transcription Feature in the Notes App

Apple Notes app is also going to get the audio and transcription feature. Sadly, you will be able to record audio and have the live transcription only on the iPhone 12 and later models. 

25. Maths Notes in Apple Notes App

“Maths Notes” is the most notable addition to the Apple Notes app. Leveraging the power of artificial intelligence, it lets you solve maths right into your notes in a jiffy. Hence, you don’t have to quit your notes in order to find the right answer to a riddle – anymore. 

26. Reader Mode in the Magnifier App

The Apple Magnifier app has received a super handy “Read mode” that is designed to convert images in order to uniform lines of text. Based on your preference, you can tweak the font and even have the text read aloud. 

27. View and Interact With Your iPhone – Right from Your Mac

Due largely to a new Continuity feature, you can view and control your iPhone right from your Mac. With the “iPhone Mirroring” in action, you will be able to swipe between pages on the Home Screen and launch apps at your own pace. 

Stay Tuned In to Discover More Hidden iOS 18 Gems..!

There you have it! That wraps up this massive lineup of iOS 18 features. I hope you have enjoyed digging into the latest iteration of iOS. Now that you know where the gems are hidden, take them for a long spin and make sure to share your invaluable feedback about ’em all.

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